It is evening now


what are you going to do about it


me? I’m going out for pizza


The rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.


My bf is making me truffle and kale macaroni then I’ll get into bed at 9 with a good book


^would be a great first line(s) of a novel


tell you what mate, i’m going to eat some food and play video games and watch masterchef. how do you like that!!!


I like it quite a bit mate I hope you enjoy yourself


Gotta pack for holiday tomorrow. Works been awful so I’m doubly happy


kale > spinach




where bounce u goin hun


Still feeling wound up and have pulled out of dinner with my team as I couldn’t handle 12 shrieking women.

  • Go for a long run
  • Drink a bottle of wine

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do both? actually nah, just the wine


Wot 'appen?


Umm not much


Juat made roast veg pasta w/aubergine pesto and bit of spice.

Going the quiz, can’t decide whether to drink or not.


Dunno, just been feeling stressy since Friday.


Is it Apprentice tonight? If so then that.


Get a run in, have some nice food, watch masterchef :ok_hand: cheeky glass of wine later


Different greens for different… situations?