It is evening now

good evening.

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Going to Vs carol concert.

Should be good fun…


i am:
a) hungry
b) got no food
c) annoyed because i took a day off work for a delivery that never came and a collection that never showed up
d) bit cold. might put on a jumper.
e) trying to work out when to go to the gym so that it’s not really busy

Good evening japes.

Hi japeso. Maybe still a bit drunk, can’t seem to walk in a straight line. Having christmas pizza for dinner again.


Should start transcribing an interview that’s due in tomorrow afternoon. But it’s SO boring (not the interview but just transcribing things in general)

evening professor

Have started calling the cocky shitheads in my class ‘mr’ or ‘Ms’ first name or last name in an attempt to hilariously acknowledge their cockiness. Eg. Mr victor, ms atunes

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can’t work out if i’m more jealous of you or irons right now

Work is a shitshow. Gonna be fixing things all evening - can’t wait to be shot of this place.

Got really good feedback from the interview I had on Monday - should find out tomorrow if one of the other candidates got better feedback or whether I might actually have a job in February.


Evening Dillinger, look who I have sitting atop my Christmas tree


Finger’s crossed for you m9 :crossed_fingers: keep us in the loop innit.


evening all

had a shit day involving two trips to the doctors and having to abandon Christmas shopping as a result. currently stressing out about it not getting sorted for Christmas and me somehow ruining it for everyone, but we’ll see.

on the plus side, ordered a load of stuff off Amazon in lieu of buying it from the shops today, due on Friday so no damage done. plus I’m off to some Christmas movie music thing at the Royal Albert Hall this evening so that should be good. going to eat a pizza beforehand as well so that should be double good :+1:


hope yr okay b_t_e


thanks - I’ll be alright, have antibiotics which are doing the trick for now :+1: and I have pizza :+1::+1:


Just got a minor compliment in work and I have left feeling like a king. Why am I such a dweeb

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Feeling quite ok about my day. Lots of good tiny things happened, I actually managed to do what I needed to get done without it being too difficult, I got a really cool present in the post and I started to make a dent in wrapping presents so Christmas panic isn’t quite as high as it was.

Picking R up so probably downhill from here as I have to see the ex, however briefly.


need to sleep for about a week I think

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Having a sneaky half in my local record shop. My environmental archaeology lecturer is here too so I’ll have a chat with him now too.


wish I had a local record shop & an environmental archaeology lecturer :frowning:

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