It is Friday after all

So have a really nice day


Same to you.

I am going into work to paint Be Kind in fancy writing on a board, make a Grendel on my door and sort out a load of paperwork.

Oh and have arguments with colleagues about the best Space based film. It is Armageddon of course.

You too.

Is this the Friday thread?

I have not got up yet but I’m about to. Nothing planned yet today. Might do a tesco.

Got my haircut yesterday and I feel like a new man.


Space Jam


Why not!

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Broad category. I like moon and sunshine. My TV will not watch any film with a hint of space in it- can’t remember if it freaks her out or bores her.

And a happy Friday to all of you too!
Just got back from a walk/jog, during which I stopped to admire some ducks and have a little dance (was listening to China in your Hand by T’Pau, if anyone wanted to know) and the most beautiful actual proper runner ran past me and saw me dancing and laughed.
Still. Here’s the ducks if anyone cares.

Also, be careful in long grass everyone. Tick season. Nasty little blighters. ALTHOUGH, you know drills? The big drills they use to get oil out of the ground? The design of them is based on ticks, such is their ability.


Happy Friday everyone.

My kids are going to be staying over for the weekend for the first time since the start of March so I’m made up.

Work’s vaguely annoying but I don’t really care.


Thank you, I have currently got a hair mask in and will do a sheet mask after I wash my hair. Love a good mask. I have leftover chili tofu from dinner that I am so excited to eat that I want to have it for breakfast but must employ some restraint and wait for lunch. Also eagerly awaiting my shin compressors in the post so I can go for a 10km+ walk later today. Small joys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am really scared of ticks (Lyme disease and all that)

Do you know when the season runs from and to?

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Same… very boring.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Same mate, horrible things.
Well they’re all year round I think but more active during warmer months, so April to September are the prime tick times. We’re near the end of the worst of it!

Spend a lot of time worrying about ticks, don’t know how people living in Australia can be so chill- everything there wants to kill you. Terrible business IMO

Managed to calm down about The Work Incident overnight, then immediately been infuriated by an email the big boss has sent around about it this morning :upside_down_face:


Morning all!

The Child is at nursery and I’m about to have a shower.

Wor Lass was going to theatre earlier so hopefully she’ll be back home tonight. I need to tidy the house in preparation for this.

I’d considered treating myself to an outside breakfast but not sure I can be bothered going out again this morning.

Impatiently waiting to find out if the bairn will be back in nursery next week. Cross your fingers for us.

Why is it Friday and not Saturday

Morning morning
I’m hungry and can’t wait for breakfast. Think I’ll have a couple of bagels

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Back in the office again

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Happy Friday!

I have got so many things mixed up with today and tomorrow abd I am very confused.

Today as definitely SFPP day and also definitely my turn to host DiS Film Club if anyone wants to join the fun.

Many hours of entertaining a child, ignoring my brother and also putting up with my dad to navigate first though.