It is Friday, here is the Friday thread (bank holiday optional)

Alright? Just about to leave for work. Finish at 2 though so not all bad, and I think we’re having hot dawgs for tea so a net win. What are you up to today? Getting involved in any community festivities? Spending the day in your pants? Something else?

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Working half a day then packing to come back to the UK (with a) baby!!! First time seeing my family in almost 3 years.

Of course it’s all become very stressful with who we will see where and when but…. FAMILY :crazy_face:

(Definitely at one point this week I didn’t really want to go any more)



woke up at 6am for some reason. lazing around listening to the new angel olsen album and thinking about making coffee. going up north later for a lovely weekend away. might go looking for ufos too. :alien:


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Getting the internet and TV installed today. Finally. The last week seems like forever.

Couple of hours at work later this morning then probably a couple of beers after.

No idea what’s for dinner. Have got BBQ stuff in the fridge but forecast looks a bit windy and not quite warm enough for that.

Off into big London for some food and then to the Emirates for The Killers. Christmas present for the tv from 2019 so it’s been a while coming. Quite looking forward to it. Need to decide what to eat first, never been to Wahaca so might give that a spin.

Up at 4:44 with hayfever symptoms through the roof. Cleaning the kitchen in prep for my wife making a cake for R’s 3rd birthday on Tuesday while watching Better Call Saul.

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Seeing as it’s now June, I’ve decided it’s time to have the spiky winter tyres taken off my bike. Cycling all the way to the bike repairs place and back again later. My butt is gonna hurt so much.

First day of a week off work today. Standard practice, I’ve woke up feeling absolutely dreadful. Must have caught some sort of cold.

Going to listen to the new Beach House album in bed. Probably make some eggs and have a long hot shower shortly. Got to file my tax return today, which is always great fun. Found an Almadovar box set in a chazza shop, so might get stuck into that and order a curry.

Morning all!

I’m not feeling rested (bed too late; child awake too early for the last week) but we’re off to Loch Lomond today with my mam and sister+kids. The weather forecast looks a bit cloudier than we’d hoped but it’ll be fine. We’re booked in at the Sea Life Centre too.

We’ll probably get takeaway tonight.

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Think I need putting down. Feeling better, but still not eating well. Back is worrying me and naproxen is not touching it. Maybe moving a bit will help.

Anyway, may be going to the zoo today, maybe not. Who knows. Exciting eh

Morning lovelies!

Kids requested mcD breakfast yesterday so there will be that if they get up before 11

Then I’m going over to meet a friend for a drink and chat

Supposed to be then picnicing this afternoon in the park but haven’t contacted friend and she hasn’t me and I’m wondering if we are both just nah not today. We will see…

Which of you is normally the instigator of things?

If you’re both normally people who are dead keen to do things and neither has messaged, I reckon you’re OK on your sofa watching Wreck-It Ralph and eating Tunnock’s Teacakes.

Hey Funky.

Partner and toddler having a lie in so trying to do some organising this morning. Going to explore the new town, unpack more boxes, the neighbours have invited us to their Jubilee thing this afternoon…feel we need to at least say hi and not instantly decry the monarchy. Hoping for a chill one before going back to work Monday :slight_smile:


Fully convinced that today is Saturday. As was yesterday.

Wet day here. Were going to do a nice walk but think we’ll go bowling instead

Think I might go to Bath (the place, I mean. I’ve had a shower already).

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Morning, early dog walk and saw small fluffy winged creatures.



Anyone have any guesses what the bottom right sign by the lift here might be?

The others are easy enough - max six people, no unaccompanied children, no smoking, but the last one? I’m stumped

Might go for a swim in the Mediterranean at some point today

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Don’t use in case of fire

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Ah! Obvious now you say it.

It doesn’t look much like fire though?