It is Friday night

Time to down five wines.

Bit warm.


4 hours ago I was logging off from a 100 delegate zoom call, rounding up a global conference week, feeling full of hope and optimism for the future

now I feel thoroughly fucking miserable and want to curl up and go to sleep for 4 months

I hate 2020

can’t help feeling that 2021 is gonna be worse though

Evening everyone !


fairly sure every year is going to be worse from here on out


thanks for trying to cheer me up bammers


Have a beer and listen to that new Daniel Avery One Lone Swordsman track to cheer yourself up.


alternatively, I don’t really know anything and things might get better!

Shower then pizza then zoom then etc


Finished work for the day, just ate a pizza and about to pop another beer.

I’m super tired though. No plans for the weekend aside from a haircut. Might just hibernate.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel

there is no end to the tunnel

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Looking over my CV and wondering why I bother


should probably finish off a bunch of the 1326 nearly finished tracks on my hard drive tbh

hard to get motivated when carrying such exhaustion at The Everything


Listening to Busted (so many fucking bangers) and reading through the guide to the British monarchy I’m doing for a pal (in an irreverent way). Was up to Mary I when I paused doing it in late July. It’s genuinely been really fun and fulfilling going back over this stuff, I really loved learning about kings and queens as a kid and I’m supplementing my childhood impressions of them now with more info gleaned from Wikipedia (Edward I was a fucking dickhead anti Semite, Edward III was pretty rad??)

Going to heat up prawn and peanut noodle soup leftovers, put some make up on and then have a video call with pal.

He very much did not ask me to make this


Three-and-a-quarter hours to go until the end of the shift. Might skip beers again – it’s indecent how much easier waking up is when you’ve not had a pint/five wines/AOB.

Evening tilty, all

Got home from work, had a 3 hour nap, now it’s time for CANS. Not much food in the house, so dinner’s gonna be a makeshift shambles. But who cares, 'cos CANS. Oh, it’s cold here. Gonna put the heating on in a minute.

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Broadband went down pretty much as soon as I logged off from work. Why couldn’t that have happened an hour before?

Had sausages and cheddar mash for tea, though, so that’s nice.

Had a fucking long, shit day, then opened my post to find that the people I ordered a great Jarvis Cocker t-shirt from on Ebay have sent the wrong Jarvis Cocker t-shirt. Got an emergency Chinese on the way.


Just had an argument with the TV. Gonna read a book and sulk for a bit. Not drinking at the moment, which I now regret as I’d like a glass of wine. I could go to the pub but I don’t want to be sociable (both because of my mood and Covid).

earlier today i cancelled the date I was supposed to go on as I’m not feeling well. asked if we could rearrange til Sunday.

  • if I got this message i’d reply something like ‘oh no! i hope you feel better soon, i am/am not available on Sunday’
  • I would simply reply ‘not sure’ and nothing else

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another one for the bin!

don’t feel well enough to move so imma just read and dick around on the internet I suppose

bowl of soup, some antibiotics and codeine. that’s it. that’s the evening.