It is Monday and this is the Monday thread

Hi friends,

I’m up early and on the train to the airport as I’m going to Kosovo for work.

I got woken by a huge thunderstorm around 1am. Anyone else get it?

Please tell me about your days.

Back to school with the kids back today

Mixed feelings, be good to get back to it and my class are great but also can’t it be holidays forever? Or at least a 10am start??



Yeah, we had it. Right overhead, and really heavy rain. Start of a weird week which involves a run of 4 night shifts and my daughter starting school. All fun eh.


AHAHAHAHA I went to the wrong terminal!

+1 for being woken up by the thunderstorm. About half midnight here. Thought I was going to have to get the loser cruiser to work but it was fine enough to cycle in.

At work. First bit done. Just enough time to chuck my overnight oats down my neck and then back to it. Finish just before 11 though.

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I’m quite pleased I shut the cats in last night, what with the storm and all. The rain was SO hard on the windows! And obviously it woke up Jimbo, which is far from ideal since today’s his first day back at school.

Anyway, WFH this morning, then popping into the office for a bit this afternoon. Hopefully the day will go nice and quickly

^ this for me too.
Premenstrual, my hair is a terrible frizzy mess and I’m just not in the mood.

No one cross me!!

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Morning all :wave:

Slept terribly:

  • there was a tapping sound by the window that for ages formed part of my dream but then eventually I had to get up and fix it
  • thunderstorm an hour later
  • woke up properly at 5.30am

On the plus side, I’ve got the Cheeksters today - they’re going to entertain themselves while I work this morning, then we’re going for a café lunch and to the local castle for a wander. Also the garage didn’t flood in the thunderstorm so that’s good.

Dreamt id got up early to go to some All day bingo.

But im probs cancelling leave and working :frowning:

Completely slept through the storm. Informed it was quite heavy.

Last week we took a decision on the project I’m working on that has turned this week from being potentially highly stressful to actually quite relaxed looking.

And the bitts of burn on my hands from touching the hot pan handle are really minor, so that’s a bonus.

I have a day off as i worked Saturday. Going to gym, a gallery, the cinema and then see a play. Proper day-offing.


Nee storms here, early dog walk, then a ridiculously busy day, kids don’t go back to school till tomorrow.
Then off to the glamour of Boro vs Sunderland tonight!

Also woke up during the storm and had to run around shutting all the windows that I’d left open.

Finally off to see Book of Mormon this evening.

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Enjoyable storm at around 2 am.

Nothing to report.

I’m on the plane (first of two) and I’m so tired.

Someone’s been fucking with the reporting PC in the office.


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Back to work after a week in Shetland :cry:

Going to pick up Willow in half an hour :heart:

On the bus to Uni of Manc for a 9am. 20 year old flashback territory.

Had forgotten just how much it gets slowed down by people getting on at Oxford Road stops.

Fallowfield is depressing isn’t it?

Genuinely looking like 45 minutes wasn’t enough time to give a 5 mile bus ride.


I’m in a travelodge in Bristol. Don’t feel as rough as I did yesterday so that’s good. It’s been a really ace weekend, the promised rain didn’t happen till we were safely in the pub yesterday :metal:

Need to get my shit together, find breakfast . Train at 11:20