It is MONDAY, april the ninth, twenty oh eighteen

i am surprisingly AWAKE this morning, considering i’ve had at most five hours of broken sleep. or as they say in america, faaahhhve.

how are you today

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i’ve just been shown an advert for OBEY PANTS. finally, i can cast me disobedient pants aside


My train choices in the morning are either get to work crazy early or get there only just on time, possibly late if there are any delays.

Which one today?

Morning cc and sip

Feeling much the same as you. Why did I stay up for the masters??? Work will be naff too.

  • get to work crazy early
  • get there only just on time, possibly late if there are any delays

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Fucking hell I am wrecked. Did this yesterday:

Not sure I can get out of bed now. Was a massive mistake to not book today off. Shit.


Morning all. Terrifying amount of work to do today so I am most likely not going to do it and will end up being paralysed with fear at 2am again. Party time!

Quite tired from travelling back from the UK yesterday. I think Ryanair and Stansted Airport have collaborated to increase my tiredness by 90%. I know it is like shooting fish in a barrel but Ryanair are really really just the fucking worst, aren’t they?

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That’s absolutely mega


Too much work to do, and my afternoon is going to be interrupted by a steroid injection to treat my arthritic knuckle. Not a good Monday.

Am supposed to be out of bed and on my way to Cardiff already but woke up and thought lol, no. Will go tonight instead :slightly_frowning_face:

I went to bed at 8. Just woke up. Could do with a few more hours please

can i change my answer please? i feel like absolute sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

however i heard jupiter the bringer of jollity on the radio and drove past a union flag and i’ve got the feeling that Everything Is Going To Be All Right.

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First day nerves are in full swing :cold_sweat::grimacing:


What’s the job pal? I’m sure you’ll knock ‘em dead whatever it is. Good luck dingers!


Morning all! More job hunting on the agenda today, and prep for tomorrow’s phone interview. Meeting a pal from my old life in Bath who’s in town this afternoon, first time I’ve seen anyone since the move so that’ll be nice anyway.

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Getting the latest possible train to Edinburgh that may get me in on time.

Not usually an advocate on morning fizzy pop but got a can of coke on the go.

I’m having to stand up on the train jfc

Oh yessss someone left the train I HAVE A SEAT

Gonna get a second breakfast obv. Maybe a nice croissant.