It is Monday, but not necessarily a bank holiday

Just about to start work. Weekend ended too soon, but at least finally summer is here!!

What are you going to do today?

Going to the seaside.

Kids already moaning at being woken early to beat the traffic.

Jumpsuit on. Tea is go. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


NICE. Which seaside?

we had last Monday as a holiday here…today 25/26 degrees and going swimming this afternoon.
!st time in the outdoor pool up the lane…have a good one whatever you do or don’t.

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Clevedon. I mean not really a seaside but only an hour away and we can do a good walk there.

(Kids not yet aware of good walk plan) like to ruin their day bit by bit. :star_struck:


No bank holiday here in Victoria, Australia

Been working in Lockdown. Daughter not doing her schoolwork. I wouldn’t mind her watching TV instead if she actually watched something good like My Little Pony. Instead it’s sexism in the form of Ever After High.

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This might be the last bank holiday Monday I ever have to work.


Coffee in the garden, a trip to the park this morning, then the in laws coming round this afternoon for the first time in about 18 months



Having boiled egg in bed. Going to try and motivate myself to do some exercise soon, then cycling over to the pool for M’s lesson. Stupidly signed up for her to swim every day this week and it involves making it up a hill that absolutely kills my knee. Farewell knees.


Absolutely top-drawer parenting, there

Oh and it gets better!



We’re heading out for a day by the river. Stand up paddle boarding, rope swing, swimming and picnic.

Just as soon as I can motivate myself to get up…


Morning all :wave:

We’re still in Devon - last full day here. Going to head to the beach around lunchtime and maybe go for a walk beforehand. Very sunny here once again :sunny:

Should probably go downstairs and be sociable


Morning folks!!

Mum, Dad and I are going for lunch. I currently resemble a tiger with all the bits I missed with the sunscreen.

Yay Monday! (rare I say that)



Off to the Mendips for a couple of days camping later. It’ll be the first time the dog had been on any sort of holiday, so it could be interesting.

The most exciting part, of course, will be the stop at Gloucester services on the way down.



I’m sat on the beach using my phone’s speech-to-text to dictate the 1st draft of a work report. Ain’t the 21st century grand?

It’s cloudy today and the distant clouds on the horizon have me longing for a session in Subnautica

Tip; if you’re thinking of combining a little holiday with remote working & clearing out an apartment be warned that all 3 will be compromised

Still, it’s nice to look at something which isn’t the same 4 walls at home & the sunsets are pretty


Morning all!

I’m not at work today and the weather looks lovely.

I will probably do some work today so I am ahead of myself this week. I might also mow the lawn.

Going to a farm / playground / cafe combo with the silly toddler.


How could you do us in this way


Good morngang! Very sunny here, we’re probably going to do some barbecue in the garden later. Sadly I have work to do, but not too much and it’s not too difficult, so that’s fine.

I really should do mine - but frankly I’m a bit scared.