It is Monday evening, here is the Monday evening thread

Alright? Had a very busy day. Quorn nuggets, chips & onion rings for tea, couple of cans of Vimto and an early night I think. Wbu?


and an early evening too!!111


Don’t be dull.


Too late.

On plane and just about to leave London. Free seat next to me so I got myself some decent leg room :+1:



gonna attempt to run home from work ish tonight, meaning i have to wear running gear on the tube halfway home and then run the rest of the way. hate wearing sporty stuff in public, so embarrassing. gonna make some simple meal and then play some guitar and watch mad men. really enjoying just lazing about at home at the moment, and need to do it more until my flat feels a bit more lived in.


Going to have some meatless Richmonds on rolls with brown sauce.

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That 6pm clock looks like a cat eye
:clock6: Ü« :clock6:



Gonna order from the chippy for tea, I think.

Mostly looking forward to this doughnut that my wife bought me though…

Early night for me too, I think. Had a shit sleep last night and ended up cutting it a bit fine for work this morning cos I couldn’t be arsed to get up.


I want to go to there

So much this Eric.

Anyway, curly fries, burger in a bun for tea.

Then more sopranos and the Monday might quiz combo I guess.


From this place

Hand finished is a bit :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Did a dinosaur trail with my niece and nephew in Leeds, my mum will buy them any old shite.

Had a cuzz buzza for lunch.

Gonna knock up some pasta this eve.

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Bought myself a birthday cake today. It was delicious!


Right, I’m off to Shrewsbury. Don’t know where it is but that’s what satnav is for.

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There’s a place near Huntingdon that stocks them apparently…

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Jacket potato with cheese for dinner

Tonight I need to find a utility bill in my name from the last three months, except almost everything is digital now, or it gets a cursory glance then thrown out. The first digital bill I checked out doesn’t even have the option of printing out like a normal bill. It could be a bit of a challenge

How many tote bags do you think there are in the world right now?