It is Monday evening now

Do you ever get serious temporary sweats when you have a bad poo?

Lasts basicallly as long as the poo and can sometimes almost make you faint but then disappears

Yes good evening


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Worked, had a massage, went and read/lay down in the park

Halloumi mushroom salad for dinner, some light entertainment, fin.

Not really no but that doesn’t sound nice.

Just gonna watch TV and have a cup of tea.

What a night!

As in when you’ve got a bit of the old gut rot? Yeah.

Also, good evening.

At work. The break room in Worcester is the most depressing environment known to man, so I’ve gone for a nice wee stroll down by the river


Actually I’m listening to Mojave 3 now and having proper nostalgia :heart:

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Evening all :wave:

Having a post-beach shower is one of the most pleasurable experiences. Am all clean of suncream and sand :blush:

Had a really nice day with the girls - wasn’t massively looking forward to three days of solo parenting but the lovely weather means that it feels like a little bonus extension to their summer hols.

Usual Monday evening ahead: Netflix, tea, chocolate, online Scrabble.


Hi. Still working cos I’m enjoying myself. What a weirdo.

Need to eat though but don’t know what I want.

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Defrosted what I thought was seitan…but is actually clootie dumpling so…may need to rethink tea

Never heard of this.

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great thread opener,
yeah i get shitsweats thanks for asking

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Scots suet pudding, sort of like Christmas pudding I guess.

Gf got me a kit for Xmas.


Great! But yeh I now see how this may change your plans.


Made some sort of brothy giant cous cous thing with roasted fennel and tomatoes

Wasn’t quite brothy enough, but bloody tasty. Now starting The Last of Us and trying to relax. Training tomorrow morning, so that’s ok. Might have a lolly


Cold day in hell?


Going to have a cup of tea, watch some Nairn Across Britain :smiling_face:

Completely forgot it was Monday and have just missed my writing class, probably the most important one too - really irked.

What should I eat?


New washing machine is installed and doing a trial wash. Two things to report:

  • At the end of the cycle it sings a little song which is adorable and almost makes the unexpected expense worth it.

  • One of the two workmen who came to install it tried to lift the old one, strained, very obviously shat himself, then got his mate to do the rest of the install while he hid in the back of the van. That was unexpected.



I sliced open my middle finger on a bread knife doing the washing up, and now everything takes me twice as long. The evening is going well so far, I think

Had a good job interview today. Also had a brutal dentist appointment. Watching trash tv and gonna go to sleep soon.