It is Monday evening thread

Hello, what are you doing with your evenings? I spent half the day not doing any work while my laptop was doing a scan or something and I feel like I should have used that time to to the washing up instead of ruining my evening with it

Evening time bump for this:


student is late for their (remote) class, so


got my first piano lesson tonight which i definitely don’t regret booking. the place is nowhere near a bus stop either so i’m gonna get drenched. will reward myself with some bahn mi or something on the way home though.


:avocado: Bought two avocado’s a week ago and forgot to eat one of them and it’s definitely gone brown and bad :avocado:

  • An avocado that is too old to eat will still make for an effective, nourishing face mask
  • Face it! That avocado is dead to you now

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Making black bean enchiladas for dinner :yum:

Made a salad

Neighbour’s semi-regular family disagreement went full street brawl today, so I’m currently watching two cars of the filth doing their jobs.

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I reckon this is one of those “if it doesn’t smell” things. If it doesn’t smell and hasn’t got mould on it, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like you can get food poisoning through your skin (probably)

I mean I say “doing their jobs”, they could be fobbing them off for all I know.

Evening all.

@profk having a TAKEAWAY due to booking shopping for tomorrow.

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Anyway @hip_young_gunslinger should definitely move here




Was going to have mackerel for tea but then I remembered that I had tuna for lunch. Too much fish for one day, that, isn’t it?

Mackerel is probably as similar to tuna as pork is to beef

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Copper just knocked on my door to ask if I saw/heard anything. Thought of DiS and answered the door with “Evening, officer.”


Yeah but also cba to sit around with mashed avocado on my face for 20 mins if it’s doing sweet fa :joy:

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sort of lump them into the same ‘oily fish’ group.

did Epimer grass?

  • of course he did
  • told em to go suck a lemon

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Tuna is nowhere near as oily as mackerel. In fact, I might be inclined to argue it’s not oily at all. Might be.

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what is the order. that is implied.

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