It is Monday Evening



I have been to White Hart Lane to get my family some Spurs goodies because they like that sort of thing and am undergoing fumigation to get all the Spurs off me
I have also sent a package to a DiSer as per secret arrangements
So feeling sort of Christmassy. How’re you?

My flatmates band’s doing a thing on bbc6 at 7 so might check that out in a bit. Maybe you should also.


I really enjoyed the bit about getting all the Spurs off you.

Having an argument-not-argument with Wor Lass about what to buy my family for Xmas.


What goodies did you pick up Ruffdog?

I’ve got the flat to myself tonight so I’m having these for pudding:


One of those dark blue hats they all wear in training, and a nice mug

Incidentally they had official Champions League ones with the emblems of all the teams on their group that were on sale, overheard a man say to his wife “Erm, no, we’re not getting him that” :joy: Such Spurs


Maybe you could go on a pilgrimage to your beloved Stamford Bridge to cancel it out.

Dunno what I’m doing with myself tonight. Nothing exciting. Reading/various games/bass noodling, probably. Standard.


Them’s fighting words, Celtic lad


hi everyone!


I’ve got period pains :’(

its horrible


Been waiting to sign off proofs to the printers so have been in all day expecting phonecalls and emails- only had texts so far. could have been out with the dog whilst it was light earlier, ffs.


i went looking for these two weeks ago and they weren’t out yet :’(


Think that’s a hate crime. Used to be an Airdrie fan.


WHAAAAT? I will happily post you some if you can’t find any before Christmas. I enjoy biting the bobble off Percy’s hat and accusing him of being an inside beanie hipster.




thanks pal. i’m sure i’ll get some eventually, though. i think i went as they were finishing putting out their christmas stock - the crisps were there but there weren’t any christmassy sweets or biscuits out.

can’t believe they’ve actually bothered to put a santa hat on percy! thought they’d just be red and green or something.


what’s a good present for my sister in law?


actually that’s probably not the right term…one sec let me turn to google


oh ok maybe it is


good to know I’m still learning!


He looks like a top lad with his Santa hat on :pig2::santa:


Just been catching u with a load of niffy stuff paperwork.

Good news is we put tree up yesterday so after dinner can go and bask in the glory of this…

got to try and not drink baileys tonight though as it fast turns into a ‘habit’