It is monday, the morning.

Freezing and got a bit of time to kill before work. Need brekko. Reckon it’ll be a 12hr shift today, grim.

How’s yer mondays looking?

Alright? Got today off cause I have holiday to use up. A man is coming to clean the oven at 9, after that who knows, might put the Christmas tree up.


Absurdly cold isn’t it


today is a day.


Bored Married With Children GIF

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Hard to get out of bed when it’s cold isn’t it


I had a hot water bottle for the first time this year last night

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Morning all, its been a bit fresh here…

My glistening Web shot in the Autumn challenge was a bit meh, but if the sun gets out today this could look cool.

Walking the dog was a push to start but nice to be out in the fresh crisp air once the shock subsided.


WFH today. Might be frivolous and light some candles in the daytime. Turn that hygge up to max.

Chai still hasn’t arrived. Grappling with dread.

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Is THIS your beloved Autumn/winter, DiS? Well IS it!!?? Freezing!
Double work day. Fcuk off!

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Very important breakfast meeting


Yes cold, yes work from bed, yes try to take second half of the day off

3 gigs in 3 days has destroyed me a little bit guys

Incoming creepy hug emoji


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Outlook has already made me look like a dickhead today

Morning all,

Massive sighs today. Not feeling it. Not at all.


Shite. Fuck this.

Would like to not work and watch the Christmas films on Channel 5 instead.

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absolutely not. freezing.

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morning troops, got to ride a train into the office, which was fun

now actually in the office and i’d prefer to be at home.

Thanks creepy owl

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Monday is looking very wintry here

Just having a cup of tea and then it’ll be dog walking time. Need to post some stuff I’ve sold on ebay, so will go for a wander over to the post office at some point.

Hoping it defrosts enough to have a tentative bike ride this afternoon.