It is Monday

… or is it?? Yes, it is…


Yes, im afraid so. Morning everyone :sunny: How are you all feeling? I’m trying to ignore the fact this is blatantly day two of my horrific whisky hangover. I still feel grrrrriiiimmmm. Anyway, happy happy fun times, help me get through today and tell me what you got on!!??


Not today, thank you! Weird Monday GO AWAY.


Can’t be arsed with today or this week in general.

Got exciting stuff happening end of next week and would like to be able to jump straight to that, pls. May I do that? And can I collect £200 when I pass ‘Go’?

I have woken up very tired and achey. Still, three day week for me so can’t complain too much.

Also, mega hayfever overnight and this morning. It’s not even nice out!

Of course you can!! I might join you. I AM THE HAT THOUGH :grin:

:eyes: :watch:

Oh no.

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Morning, really suffering with hay-fever as well. Unusually. It sucks…

Day four of Project Management course today, final day and exam tomorrow.

Went to bed at 9 last night and had sumptuous dreams of lashings of raspberry jam on brown bread.

Morning witches + all

Back to WFH today. Hope no one sends me any work today as I failed at doing my laundry yesterday and spent the afternoon playing video games instead like a chump.

The in-laws dropped round yesterday to say hello and brought us some strawberries and homemade scones, they are good eggs.

Morning all!

Going to get up and have some crumpets and a cup of tea in a few minutes.

Gonna wash my car a bit later and then decide what to do for the rest of my week off. I need to do something for at least one day - might have a ride down to the Brecon Beacons tomorrow I reckon.


Project management training is soooooooo boring. Did the APM and was awful

Day Aff
Taking my 2 year old out for play, happy meal, all the good shit. Tired already

That’s what I’m doing now. First three days were the longest of my life…

I got absolutely fucking battered last night. Feel awful today. Don’t remember getting home.

Obv I’m not going into work. Fuuuuuuuu


What did you get up to last night niki?? Just pubbing it up?

Alright? Alright.

Got three days to do about a fortnight of work in before fucking off for a week and a half, so that’s good/horrific.

It’s raining heavily here. Both outside and in my brain (not enough sleep).

Feeling alright though. Not up to much today, just trying to wrestle my projects under control a bit…the eternal struggle. Got some friends visiting next weekend though which will be radical!

Through to Edinburgh for work. Finding it really difficult to get up recently, dont know why.

Thurston Moore at St. Luke’s tonight.


St Lukes again?? Greedy

Stayed up til 3 playing zelda and watching twin peaks so feel fantastic today obviously. Havent even got time to make coffee before i leave fffuuu. Will work a 10hr day and then come home and work on a different thing til i go to bed. Bleak.