It is now sunday morning.

Morning assorted DiSers.

Quite tired but got a pot of coffee and watching the kramer in hollywood episodes of Seinfeld :ok_hand: got a 6 hr band practice in a bit, urgg.

How’s your day looking?

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Detour to get a chai, chai was so bad I spat it out, now no chai. And we all know that means a cursed day ahead.

Imagine it’ll manifest as those lads getting on the same train home with me


Morning :wave:

Not many plans today, might go for a walk.

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Guess I’d better get some food in at some point. Maybe buy something for the flat as it’s looking pretty fucking sparse right now

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Morning all

Although Christmas is lovely and it’s great that the cheeksters are having a good time, there’s stuff EVERYWHERE in the house and it’s making me feel a bit on edge!

Not an awful lot planned for the day. There’s a 18mph northerly wind and it’s raining, so I might minimise the amount of time I spend outside of the house.

Got an electrician coming out because the RCD switch (literally learned what that is less than 24 hours ago) kept tripping and cutting off the power to our plug sockets yesterday. Tried to narrow it down to a faulty appliance but there’s no real pattern and it’s happening everything from every 30 minutes to 3 or more hours.

I never feel less competent as an adult human as when I’m faced with a practical household problem like this.

So much this. Every room in my house is littered with absolute shite: toys, Christmas trees, assorted children - a nightmare.


Here, it’s craft shit and nativity scenes. Example: one of the three Playmobil kings just having a rest in the middle of the dining room


Was planning on not going on new dates for a while cos all my other ones fizzled out but you’ll never guess what I’m doing.

really excited / nervous about this one though, got great vibes in the chat


Morning all!

The Child is getting her hair did in the living room so there will be bits of extension everywhere by the time they’re done. We’re currently watching Oddsockeaters which is quite good fun.

Nobody has eaten many vegetables this week so I’m making something very hearty and vegetarian for tea - probably a curry. I should probably go to the shop for groceries so I can keep these standards up for the week.

I need to do some work for next week and I’d quite like to spend a bit of time playing computer games.

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You left a Deluxe Memory Man plugged in somewhere?


Already been up and out to church. Very cold.

Going to cut MrS hair, do some work, go to friends for lunch, more work, dinner, telly…maybe more of Maid although it might be a bit much on a Sunday night.

Also here’s a slight query. If someone at work pisses you off and you are fairly sure they know they have but have not issued an apology or any sort of contact do you

  • Ignore them forever
  • Bring it up
  • Wait for them to apologise
  • Something else

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They’re DEAD to me


I think I would remember that! Hahahah!


While I appreciate there are always different sides to every story and workplace politics etc I hate leaving anything like that to fester. I’d rather just talk about it, draw a line under it and move on.








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Much better conditions for the dog walk this morning, though for some reason there were squirrels everywhere.

GF got boosted yesterday and is now in bed with temperature and aching issues. Didn’t have much planned for the day so it’s not much of an issue.

Will be getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft later and we’ll then be figuring out how to fit in a tree now that the room we would have stored displaced furniture in is Smudge’s den.

Stayed up too late, got woken up far far too early. Off to work in an hour or so. Working until 9pm. Fuck sake.

Slag them off to someone else