It is now Tuesday evening

Pretty sizeable.

5 spice pork belly stir fry?

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If I had the energy yes. As it stands I may just whack em in the oven for ages and eat like spare ribs.

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Evening kids

I don’t want to jinx it, but I haven’t had to blow my nose all afternoon. I think I might finally be coming out the other side of this cold. HALLELUJAH!!!

Still got a bit of a headache though, so ibuprofen, no booze and an early night are on the menu again tonight


Honey and ginger glaze them first then.

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Smoked paprika, salt/pepper, BBQ sauce. Oven baked

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Pesto just removes all traces of any other flavour in a dish to ensure the dish tastes of nothing but pesto, which is one of the blandest tasting things of all time

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Don’t think I’ve ever had pesto and not thought ‘needs something else’

Making a chilli for dinner.

Football, squid land etc.

Pesto is like the haute cuisine version of subway. Always sounds more appealing than the reality.


Got more interview prep to do. Brain is like absolute mush. Why do I do this to myself?

You’re a solid winner CCB

Just remember that. X


Evening all :wave:

Just did a very quick cycle and now I feel like I might throw up, so long it has been since I last did any exercise :expressionless: Really wish I could go real cycling with @tilty it looks so fun.

Having chorizo sausages for dinner with either lentils or potatoes and broccoli.

Got some wee screenprints of paper cutouts by Alice Pattullo today! They are lovely:


Cook on a low heat and crank it up for a bit at the end or chuck the grill on to crisp em up.

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Love these

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Just had a shower and now it feels like time for bed.

I’ve found adding some broccoli improves it quite a bit.

I cannot wait for the day I can go for a ride with some bad ass babes like you and @plasticniki. Much tho I love hanging out with my ‘bike boys’ I do enjoy the change of pace (figuratively not literally) you get riding with girls/enbies.

Talking of riding today was the first day in a long while I felt really really shit on the bike. Pain in my calves and just generally a bit crap.


Oh they remind me of Claire Leighton a little bit

Would love one of these

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Absolutely fucking losing my mind at this takeaway review.