It is Saturday, here is the Saturday thread

Good morning and all that! I’m up at this frankly silly hour to get a lift to work for 7am, let the butchers in, then come home again for an hour or so, then back to work :sleeping: Luckily, the cat was aware of this and made sure I was awake at 5.45, so as not to be late. Feel like it’s going to be at least a 4-coffee day mates. Now you!

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Morning pal. Tiny bit hungover. Driving down to Essex shortly. Woke up to big mabez being weird

Not much else to report




Morning all

I’m up early as we’re driving to the other side of Norfolk (which is quite a long drive) to go to some book-themed adventure park and meet my old uni friend and her family. Really looking forward to seeing them as they’re all GBOLs, but irked at having to leave the house early to go somewhere that’s going to be mega crowded in the hot weather (and is also super expensive) when we could have just had a beach day or something.

Had the best night sleep I’ve had in ages though :slight_smile:


Morning ,

Gonna watch the cricket, have a ticket for tomorrow, not sure whether I just want it to finish today and get my money back or it sputter into tomorrow and see a bit of play.

Challenge cup final too. And football.

Basically, a sport day. Gonna read I’m the garden before then.

Waiting for builder to come and sort my brand spanking new leaking shower and the ceiling it has damaged. This is not what I wanted to be doing today - brain has wakened me early so I’m watching GLOW.

Cold seems to be improving but I’ve got a party later and not looking forward to using my gubbed throat and wonky blocked ears when shouting over the music to talk to folk.

Pretty depressing update I’ve posted here but, presumably, the only way is up.


Fucking exhausted.

Gonna have a bath, charge up various devices and then drop my folks off to get their coach holiday.

Driving down to Portsmouth / Gosport for the day. Football, sit by the sea, see the old house and get something from Mick’s Monster Burgers on the way home, sitting on the hill overlooking the harbour.

Trip to the sorting office to pick up a broadband router thing that I was clearly told the engineer would bring with them #irked

Then back for the MotoGP practice sessions, and the usual week’s worth of housework in two days.

Good morning,

I am hungry.
My feet are blistered.
Yesterday was brilliant fun although I had a headache for the whole The 1975 set :sob: didn’t stop me jumping around and making new friends though.
Doing it all again today.

Happy Saturday! :tada:
Ps. I had something else to tell you pals but I’ve forgotten.


So incredibly tired - am sat in Paddington station waiting for my train to Wales. Busy out. Wish I was in bed.

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Yeah, I’m on the Overground, in one of the new four-car trains, and it’s really busy already. I think people want to do their errands and travel before it gets too hot.


Been awake since 6:30 but don’t want to get up cause I might wake the missus. she needs the sleep.

Then, gym and a lazy afternoon.

back at home after an absolutely ridiculous week away including 90 hours doing this

I feel far, far better than I have any right to be, but I’m still not doing anything this weekend.


Heard a lot about them, won’t lie, expectations are lofty!

I haven’t had one for years. Used to be a bit of a Saturday night thing, pile into a car, drive up Portsdown Hill, grab a burger and admire the view

Oh yay Winnie’s come for some head boops and a snuggle. Oh great now she’s lying on my arm :roll_eyes:
I am still so hungry. Meant to be having cheese omelette, beans and Linda Ms for breakfast but so help me god if @avery and my little sister don’t wake up in the next half an hour I’m putting emergency pizza in the oven. Didn’t eat any dinner last night :sob:

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Great work pnik x

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I don’t understand people who wear hats and shirts with weed all over them on the way into a festival. Do you want to be searched?!

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