It is Saturday, here is the Saturday thread

But… But… You offered it to me :sob:

yeah but maosm has you covered now I think?

Also, otley is really nice eh. Sort of @Twinkletoes 's domain though.


He’s not even here yet. Beginning to think he’s got lost.

ah ok I’ll wait then

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that’s a bad situation but I don’t think you can blame the geese


Did you know these two are mother and daughter

  • Yeah
  • No

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Potw @AQOS

who are they?

I’ve hit the frustration wall already. The version I’ve got doesn’t support mixed time signatures ffs!

  • This is outrageous and you are right to be irked
  • This is 100% your fault for trying to have alternating bars of 7/4 and 6/4 in the first place, you tryhard smartarse

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just set it in 1/1 and then you’re set for everything


He probably loved it

Olivers Andi and Miquita (left to right)

ok sorry. They look like children’s tv presenters?

Was absolutely disgusted with myself when I realised what I’d done tbf. I didn’t set out to do this, it just happened.

Technically it’s @McGarnagle’s fault anyway:


Miquita used to present T4 and Popworld on channel 4 etc. Andi does cooking and is currently presenting Saturday Kitchen as we speak.

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ah I thought she looked a little familiar, I must have seen popworld a couple of times

Kissed any ducks recently?

  • Puckering up as we speak
  • It was more lately than recently
  • I’ve had to stop doing that after… the time
  • No. That’s disgusting
  • Mackerel frittata oooh and add peas
  • Some ducks lay eggs.

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Haven’t sent you a duck in a while, I’m sorry

:sob: this is very true.