It is Saturday (with added tellygeddon)

Ahm up trying to get the bairn to eat his breakfast.

Dread for work on Monday is slowly starting to build.

Also, all my dreams right now seem to feature the pubs being open. I didn’t think I’d missed them THAT much but apparently I’ve been kidding myself.

Morning shiny et al!

I’m also awake and have watched episodes of Kid-e-Kats (shameless Russian knock-off of Peppa Pig) and now Stretch Armstrong (they made a cartoon series out of that?)

I’m football training later this morning and Wor Lass has invited people to visit which will involve simultaneously sterilising the house and cooking a load of food. We may have a BBQ.


I also had a dream featuring a DiSer as a secret agent.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I literally came here to talk about my dream so that’s good.

I was moving to the Isle of Wight cc @plasticniki. And it seemed half the iow was really good weather and the other half was crap. All the time.

I also nearly got chosen as the next Harry Potter.


Morning boys and girls

Up earlier than I’d have liked because somebody wanted his breakfast. And then wanted some of mine

And has gone back to his bed now its finished.

Today looks like a wonderful day to mow the lawn, finish painting the fence and go for a bike ride. Not necessarily in that order.


Are they putting him in the ground today or is tomorrow?

Had some old fashioneds last night. Woke up on the couch at 2:50am, then went to bed and woke at 6 thinking about apple juice, might have to go and get some later as the cravings haven’t gone. 5 year old was insistent I watch an episode of My Little Pony and now watching Baby Shark with the 2 year old.

Wife is taking Mother in Law to get her second vaccine this morning. Big day because my wife is a massive worrier and with her and her mum now fully vaccinated hopefully eases some of that


Bts are streaming old concerts for free today (usually stuff like this is filmed for dvds or cinema releases) so I’m organising my day around that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bit nice today isn’t it

Gonna go for a run then pop myself down outside a pub for the afternoon



Just arrived at gleneagles where I’m gonna bat some balls about. What a beautiful morn


Dreamt that The Queen was sat in this big open-top vehicle that was basically a quaint sitting-room on wheels, for Philip’s funeral;0.0646xw,0&resize=480:*

But for some reason I was on there with her as well, and about 20 rowdy gay lads on a night out


Bit of sensitivity for the Scottish brethren, please.


Morning troops.

It is very sunny out!

Beach yesterday was a legit top up on my mood!

Going to the park with some ATDs and their kids!

Then a BBQ this afternoon!

Been up since 6 waiting for a mattress.


All right, nick faldo

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3 day weekend, I’ve got Monday off. Gonna start figuring out what to do with our garden and make some music today.

Up and at em early today. I know this is technically science but started going to bed and waking up roughly the same time every day (inc weekends), and feeling way better for it. Spring is so good, waking up in the sunshine!

Anyway, had breakfast, did some washing up/tidying, watching Drag Race atm but it’s an 1hr20 AND it’s the Ru-union so prob lose interest soon.

Also is it colourblindness to mix up grey and blue? This looks light blue to me (moreso in person than in the pic tbf)

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Wonder how many of the outside-pub drinkers have caught/will catch colds due to sitting in the freezing cold

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Morning!! No plans today which is nice…

Might just bomb my work this afternoon to have a free Sunday tomorrow, but seems unlikely :star_struck: