It is Saturday (with added tellygeddon)

I found one in my house yesterday that was the size of the first segment of my little finger yesterday.

Disposed of it humanely*, obviously.

*panicked and hit it with a book

is Twitter broken at the moment?


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I fitted a new toilet seat! :relaxed:


Might get a Chinese.

started a thread on this not so long ago

there was a Sony with a subwoofer for around £150* I liked the look of (the subwoofer could sit under your sofa, and it had something called sofa mode which sounded exciting), but it didn’t have a HDMI connection, which meant you couldn’t adjust the volume with the TV control (as I understand it, it’s a minefield out there when you start reading about this sort of thing), so I went for the JBL in the thread, which I am happy with (but I’ve never had a soundbar before - it thumps the native telly sound, but dunno how it stands up to other soundbars)

*it was this one

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should say I was also limited by size - had to look for one under 80cm to fit on my TV unit, so I probably discounted loads of otherwise good candidates

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Vajazzled the pipes in my spare bathroom wbu huns x

i’d love to try this out if it’s real

I was unusually lenient and ushered him towards the window. Normally just smash the fuckers.

Went on a boat, had a wander around town, eaten a fry up

I’m off to the pub in about fifteen minutes. Not a bad saturday


Happy Saturday everyone :wave:

Had a very nice walk indeed with a friend of mine. What a wonderful friend she is :blush:

Now I’m drinking a Coke Zero, eating pickled gherkins and watching Dead and Buried.


We have this one

Gonna put The Liquidator on

You just add the tequila yourself


Drinking bourbon and Pepsi Max. Deal with it.

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Went over the reservoir, had a nice little ginger beer, saw some goslings.



Pizzer ordered

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Found leftover Butter Chicken in the freezer, so I made a Balti Dal and some onion rice and heated up one of those frozen parathas. Turns out that was the exact fare to cover the direct train from Hunger to Stuffee, calling at Flavour Town only.


fry up for dinner is pretty great when it happens