It is Saturday

Going to a baby and toddler exhibition thingy. A huge hangar full of parents, prospective parents, grandparents, weans (screaming status variable) and a whole load of salespeople desperately trying to flog us shite.

Living the dream, folks.

Housemate changed the dial on the microwave so it was set to medium and I put my porridge in not realising. I noticed before they fully cooked but they’ve still come out with a weird texture.

I hope you have additional porridge that you can start afresh or that it doesn’t taste too weird.

Just finished work. A bus driver pulled up his bus at the stop I was at and got off and was like “oi,mate, this might sound like a stupid question, but where does this bus start from? I don’t do this route” so I told him cos he was going completely the wrong way. Was weird


Morning! Another pre 6am start from Jimbo. This is literally getting tiring now.

This part of the Art festival thingy? I might go look at something but there’s kinda too much to chose from. @shinymcshine

Feeling a bit hazy so will probably go back to sleep.

Going to walk up to the post office and pick up my soap ladders.

Should probably get something tartan-y for yhe walk tomorrow. Also need some new black jeans. And want a bamboo toothbrush.

Got up early to do the cats meds as my housemate is off to Brighton to record with his band.

I’m going to football later, normally I meet friends in a pub beforehand, but I’m not in the mood for that. So I’ll meet them at the game.

Don’t go on the upper deck, and if you do be prepared to duck.


Morning. Managed to sleep in until 8(!) and got a cup of tea and breakfast in bed :grinning: Got daughter’s swimming lesson in a bit then not sure what to do with the rest of the day.

up, drinking tea giving MrS a lay in.

Moderated my g and t consumption so feeling fine, off to Bristol later for Bridget Christie with my sister. @keith you went a while go didn’t you? good stuff I hope.

Make some polony and eggs in bit…

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First day not in employment. Sleepless night, and massive feelings of what the WTF have I done.

Taking my smallest little person to the cinema shortly, which should take my mind off it though. Chinese food later, which I’m inordinately excited about.

I have a hangover. Hello.


And me, yeah I enjoyed it, despite not really knowing anything about her.


Me too. :wave:

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Morning :wave: I’ve been laying in bed for ages not doing much on the Internet. Got to get up soon as going for an early showing of the Avengers which I’m very excited about. Then might meet a friend for a coffee and then dinner/drinks this evening.

I’ve already been to Homebase and big Tesco and now I’m watching some batshit cartoon on Netflix about a death metal red panda. Ok then.

Morning team. Had a few beers/whiskies at home last night and feeling it a bit today. Not much to do except help (watch) the tv make a birthday cake for my dad. Not moving yet though.

No idea. I’m just the driver guy desperately trying to stop the old bank card getting a doing.

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great! Looking forward to it even more now… :smiley:


What’s the walk tomorrow you have to wear tartan for? :smiley: