It is Saturday

Good morning,

How are you? Any plans for today?

I’m up early to drive my son to the station as he’s going back to the Netherlands today.

Going the Cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball:

Gonna attempt not to get too drunk. By following 3 rules,
#1 No drink before 12
#2 1 pint an hour
#3 #stayhydrated with water


Morning all :wave:

Sat in bed in a slightly cold caravan. Gonna get up in a bit and go to Southwold, then Framingham Castle. Might take a flask of tea for the full Holiday Dad look.


Alright? Going to work :frowning:


Been at work since 5. Zzzz


Mighty fine

Watching Paralympics
Breakfast at Dishoom
Tokyo 1964 exhibition
Climbing to the top of London’s most talked about tourist attraction


First match of the season this morning for my youngest as Jarlabergs IF F-13 take on Sickla IF F-13

Jarlabergs went the entire last season unbeaten in their age group, winning 25 matches & drawing 1

Let’s see what this season brings

The tv has a vernissage at Nacka Konsthall this afternoon

And then Liverpool v Chelsea this evening

Not a bad Saturday


Went to bed at 1am, kids woke me up at 5am….

Ooh, this looks great

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Got up quite early and have just had a shower.

Ideas for plans so far have included…

Put my bike on the train to Whitstable and have a pootle - canned as I’ve done quite a bit this week and last week and actually my legs are saying have a break

Go into central London and do some shopping… Canned as urgh

Go into Central London and do some free galleries like the tate modern as its been an age… Still a contender!

Open to suggestions. All of my pals are busy so it’s gotta be something I can do solo

I’m tired. Not sure why I’m awake.

Hi DiS.

It was my 14th wedding anniversary a couple of days ago. My mam has taken the kids for the weekend. It’s our first time without them since the start of 2020.

This afternoon we’re checking into a country pub near Canterbury for the night. Three course dinner this evening.

I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.


M&M World?


Make sure to book in advance, even for the free collection. Walked past it yesterday at lunchtime and the queue was massive.

Oh wow. Well that’s off the table too then :cry:

:-1: Toddler refusing to go swimming and keeps saying (on repeat) “I am a gummy bear”

:+1: Dishoom Black Dal already made for pals visiting later that we’ve not seen in a year or so

:+1: Probs some beers this evening but too early to think about that

It’s cold eh? Winter is here

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Morning! Been camping last few days. Going home today…bit bleary as here is the onsite pub menu. Might be of interest to @Funkhouser


My parents headed off for the ferry this morning but we are still in their house so for today we’re pretending it’s ours before we head back to our own little shit tip tomorrow. This house has a dishwasher and showers that are actually hot. Off to cuddle some babies in a bit.

Hungover as fuck at my parents. Got mates coming to go out at 12 back home. Gonna be a long day

What a beauty! Rib Tickler, Old Rosie and Thatchers Vintage please.