It is Sunday, July the 19th, 2020.

Morning! Going in to work early (for a sunday) to try and get some stuff done before the holidaying masses swarm through the doors. Got ol’ ma Funk’s birthday dinner to look forward to later though, might accidentally drink a bucketful of cider. What you got goin’ on?


Hi funkman. Travelling down to my parents in a bit. Having brunch, dropping kiddo off and having a kid free afternoon/evening. Probably going IKEA and maybe getting a pizza and beer in the park. Decce

Hope work isn’t too bad and happy birthday to yer ma


Morning Funkman, Rich, other later dissers.

Just been having some coffee and watching a pair of green parakeets mess about on the fence at the end of our garden. Big fan. GBOB.

Plansning to do some exercise, play some guitar and make pasties for lunch.

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Feel so sick this morning. Chinese last night so I’m worried I’ve eaten something dodgy or just had a years worth of salt in one sitting. Had about 20 litres of water throughout the day ugh not felt this bad in ages :nauseated_face:


Morning everybody!

Off to church for first time in ages and ages obviously in a bit. V is up and ready, I have big doubts about R being at that stage in half an hour…

Then going to my mum’s for pastries and chat, then this afternoon I think a bike ride and going to Waitrose to buy Vs headteacher some prosecco…

Reading Queenie and I love it so much. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Morning all!

I’m in North Tyneside. I think I’m going to the beach this afternoon.

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Rubbish nights sleep thanks to a small person waking up about midnight and demanding to be read books (wtf?!?)

Yesterday’s photo shoot is rescheduled to this morning, so I should probably go and clean my lenses and stuff.

In laws have a skip as they’re having a fair whack of work done on their house. Popping round and chucking a load of crap in the skip soon. Great morning


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Improvisational dadding by visiting an impromptu tip on your weekend off?


Morning. An ATD was supposed to be having a stag party in Munich this weekend (that I actually had passed on, as I’m normally in Canada at the moment) but it was pushed to March, so once things opened up we planned something.

So we’re off to Kilmarnock to play foot golf and then a bbq in his garden.


Anglos a Sunday :wave:


would quite like a coffee and some form of baked good

if anyone can arrange that it would be appreciated

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Having coffee and a bagel, sorry japes.

Would like to get a train down to the coast and go for a long walk one day this week

  • Should be fine
  • Too risky and/or selfish
  • Non-committal option

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Think I’m going to kick a football around this afternoon and I can’t fucking wait


My plan is to just lay very still all day


Went to sleep at 2. Woke up bolt upright at 3 to hear scratching and rustling. Spent an hour searching the flat, only hearing the noise when I got back into bed.

Started to think I had imagined it, then found a mouse in the corner of the bedroom. I gently woke up my gf to say “erm, don’t want to alarm you but there is a mouse hiding underneath the bed.” This did not work - she was very alarmed. And because the mouse kept running everywhere but out the door, it took an hour to chase it away.

Barely slept since. Every slight sound gave me a massive jolt of adrenaline as I tried to figure out whether our new pal had returned.

Mice are cute and all but fucking hell that was horrible.