It is Sunday

What’s for brekko? Coffee and a bagel for me, plus an episode of Seinfeld to start the day off right. Should do some exercise today but i’ve done myself a mischief lugging heavy stuff around so will probably sit around all day nit doing much.

Wuu2, huns?

Had a very fun day / night yesterday. I was basically driving / helping out with my friend’s student film, which involved me finding out I’m a surprisingly confident (possibly over-confident) driver and being repeatedly complemented on my choice of music (Geogaddi by Boards of Canada). As it happens, I am knackered today (was out the house from about 1.45pm to 2:15am) and will try where possible to spend all of today playing Prey tbh.

Alright snugglepuff?

We’re having venison sausage and fried egg in a roll! Gonna smother it in ketchup.

Thinking of heading to this car boot sale in a wee bit… but that will involve getting washed and dressed :grimacing: uggghh.

Gonna cook a load of eggs n stuff. Morning x

Morning honeybunch x


Morning. Coffee and bagels here too. Bacon, brie and tomatoes in the bagel. Pretty good.
Gonna go for a walk to roundhay park and then come back and do a roast.
Old Corpse Road tonight :metal:

Have a good day all.

Morning. Got some chicken sausages and eggs on the go. Would like some :avocado: to go with it but got none. Ruthless decluttering of my house is on the agenda for today - I eventually want to cut down my belongings to about a quarter of what I’ve got.

Inlaws are here this weekend, and rain is forecast all day. Could be a long one.

Good morning DiS. I am very hungover after a night out with my ATDs. Turns out playing two gigs followed by a feed of drink isn’t the best idea.


We’re also heading to a boot sale. It’s 12-4, which is far better than the really early starts and missing the good stuff. They’ve got a bar too so I might have pint.

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They’ve got some pretty awesome sea creatures on Sunday brunch. Land mine urchin :smile: spikey!

The sea is so cool.

Morning/evening all. Freezing here but sunny, spent most of the day at home other than a nice easy run.
It’s film festival time, best part of the winter, I’ve got about 24 lined up over the 16 days of the fest. So far can recommend Marjorie Prime and The Love Witch.
Going to watch a bit of the cricket and then head to bed…

Oh WHAT? Yours sounds lovely! Mine is next to a Starbucks so I’m considering getting the trashiest coffee I can find. I always regret this decision.

Mines at Warlingham rugby club, plenty of fields and apparently the bar in the club house will be open.

Ran out of tea bags. Gutted



Morning all!

Toast, Nutella and coffees for breakfast.

I think today I’m hunter-gathering for the week. I’ll need to do a meal plan first and I can’t do that until Wor Lass wakes up.

More coffee?

Yes pls

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had a lazy morning in bed until 9 watching programmes, having tickle fights and generally being snuggly. Great start to the day.

Going to do some gardening with my lad, while the missus takes our daughter out to the shops

My bro in law has just got a dog so we’ll go and visit it later today

Had coffee and oreo cheesecake, so it’s all downhill from there.

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