It is Sunday


Woke up at 6.45 and spent an hour thinking it was Monday and I should really spend the day getting my shit together. Then I realised it’s not, so I won’t. Going to cook some spicy chicken in the slow cooker and watch films all day instead.


That sounds like a bloody wonderful way to spend a Sunday Mr Funkhouser

I’m off shopping at The Bullring.


18th in the queue for the sexual health clinic so probably going to get seen!!! Was worth travelling for an hour to get here and standing in the rain for 50 minutes now before it opens!!!

Got an egg baguette. Got some tunes.


I think I went there once many years ago, remember it looking pretty grim but that may have changed?


What tunes best soundtrack a Sunday morning queue for the sexual health clinic?


Morning all.

I’m having bacon sandwiches for breakfast.

Want to do something productive with the day, but no idea what.


Beautiful day in odense. About to have an explore and try and find the mikkeler bottle shop. Vegan cafe for lunch then Hans christian Andersening it up.


idk but I’m listening to jean grae and quelle chris





  • Indian style spicy scrambled eggs
  • Aeropress with some decent coffee
  • need to go to the library and write loads when it opens at 9


Positives and negatives to interpret as you will


Morning! Manchester Marathon this morning.



Gonna do nothing but watching Paris Roubaix today


Good luck boss


Sounds like the name of a Drag Race contestant.


Sounds like an even better day then


Cant wait to get inside and get a free cofee


Cheers! Pint of Erdinger alkoholfrei at the end.


Good luck,

Having just got back up to doing 5k, the thought of marathons boggles my mind.


I was about to make the same joke!