It is Sunday

My new nickname is actually ‘little squeaker’ but I have absolutely no idea why.

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How have I woken up this early? Really need a piss but I am very comfortable in this bed.

Lo-Pan snuggling next to you?


I once woke up thinking it was a Friday and it was actually Monday and I started sobbing my eyes out :cold_sweat:

26 years old I was.


Was literally a second away from typing this exact sentence!


Everyone’s gonna have a great day today I can feel it :smiley:


Just me in here!


morning all

someone from work phoned me at 4am forgetting i wasn’t in the usa any more which was nice of them. couldn’t get back to sleep after that for some reason, brain was just wide awake. need some breakfast soon i think.

doing nothing but watching paris-roubaix all day long

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Aww, the mother in law has sorted out some sewing shit for the curtains…and turned up unannounced at 9:30am on a Sunday to drop them off!

  • A helpful family member, you should be grateful!
  • 9ish, on a Sunday, unannounced? FO,M!

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Would it be rude to crack a beer at 10am?

it would be rude not to tbh

might wait for midday myself

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I’ll stick with my cuppa then


Bearded bespectacled baldies of dis, unite and take over!


I accidentally bought a bass amp in a charity shop this week. I’ve just discovered that it actually works so I’m going to attempt to teach myself to play the bass today to celebrate.

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How do you accidentally buy a bass amp?

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Cooking up some breakfast…watching Logan Lucky last night, great Saturday night film.

Not much on today, drag kids out for a walk at some point I expect.

@keith halfway!! :open_mouth:

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I love living in a terraced house next to a holiday let. I love it so much.

Have had a bunch of squawking women in for days now and they were making so much noise last night that i texted the owner of the house and asked him to shut them up. He contacted them and they had the cheek to tell him they weren’t even it, which they really were. He very excitedly and proudly messaged me back to say that I must have been imagining it because they told him they were out. Ok mate.

Any suggestions for (legal) pranks I can play in the weeks leading up to us vacating this property? Maybe get an oompa band on retention.

Sorry, that’ll be really boring to everyone but me but I needed to vent.

Trying not to wee myself having been waiting for my stepdad to stop hogging the bathroom. He’s been in there since 9am ffs

It was fifteen quid and this enormous great big 80s thing so I thought “it probably doesn’t work, I’ll just see it as a fifteen quid charity donation”. It works fine and sounds amazing. Better than my playing anyway. My plan is to get good enough to play groves through my loop pedal that I can drum to. More exciting than playing to a metronome.