It is Sunday


Been up since 6 with a teething bairn.

Hoping to run later. Apart from that it’ll be visiting of dad’s and not a lot else.

Any fitba on?


Off to Westonbirt Arboretum this morning to see my best mate and her family. Hope the weather is ok



Bit of work, go for a walk?? , watch the football and get the Indian we didn’t have yesterday I think.

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Always reminds me of Joni Mitchell.

Took all the the trees etc.

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Morning all :wave:

Got a lie-in til 7.30 this morning :partying_face: as the girls had forgotten to make me father’s day cards. Got bought a nice new picnic rucksack so that’s handy.

Plans for today? We’re going out for lunch! The weather is looking a bit gloomy but I’m hoping it will be okay enough to eat outside. It’s not the washout that was predicted earlier in the week.

Not sure about the rest of the day. Need to help the eldest make Mrs CCB’s birthday cake. Not sure what else. Would like to crack on with some decorating but you can’t really just spend half an hour putting a coat of paint of a ceiling.



Got a red wine headache

No plans which is nice, would like to go record shopping and maybe get some lunch out somewhere, maybe a board game or summit

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Morning, I am out in the already baking sun waiting for a ride to go and pick up a car which is loaded up with stuff I packed from the apartment in Spain

So the mission is to unpack the car at the inlaws and then we get to keep the car for ourselves

Our little family has never had our own car before so it will be …err, interesting I guess

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Going to have some leftover bread pudding for brekkie, followed by a walk then finally do the college work I’ve needed to do for a bit.

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Car has it’s service and MOT tomorrow. Big big fear

Morning all!

The Child has spent the twenty minutes I’ve been awake offering me gifts. Some of them are actual gifts and most are just things from the kitchen.


Had almost no sleep from the amount of bites I’ve been getting this week. Absolutely covered in them. Forgot how much of a snack I am to midges and how miserable it makes me.

Greyer than my hair out there. Just had a delicious breakfast, not quaffing almost a litre of water with cucumber and lemon (so good) before heading out on a pootle slash shopple

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Salut! Spent yesterday swimming and doing some #dadjobs like oiling our decking.

Seeing some friends at the beach today and then picking up a free piano from our neighbours. ‘Picking up’ makes it sound less heavy and awful than it will inevitably be :rofl:


Yes, every home should have a piano. Couldn’t be happier with the Blocket freebie we got a couple of months back

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Going for breakfast then to Musuem of Science and Insdusty, then trains snack for the train.

Then holiday is over.


Why is everyone in Sweden giving away pianos?


Got a really cool mystery door wanker beer thingy, see pic and a new hose.


Might have a beer