It is Sunday

Got tour de France on vinyl for father’s day. Great present tbf. Off to a nt place for a soggy walk and probable car picnic in a bit. Thus is more like the summers I remember.


Yesterday I met a donkey, some horses, a calf and 2 dogs and they had lots of friends. I’m hoping we might get to play some more today.


Morning all, morning Sunday. This was the view from where I’m staying at 10.30pm last night - ridiculously beautiful light :heart_eyes: Went for a run this morning across the width of Bute to a very quiet beach. Almost time for a slap up breakfast! Edit: oh yeah! Happy Father’s Day to the fathers of DiS :tada:



Gray, rainy and miserable outside.

Going to Aldi in a little bit to get the shopping (funny that!).

Finish grooming the dog when we get back.

An afternoon of nothingness before watching the football later.

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Morning! Happy Father’s Day to all the DIS dads.

Going to go to the local caff for breakfast as I cba doing anything myself. Then a bit of shopping, housework, and the big match later.

On a train! A steam train!

Fucking yes.


We’re doing our Christmas Day today. Mum picked the day when Christmas was cancelled.

Full Christmas Dinner, small token presents for the kids and I’ve wrapped my dad’s father’s day present in Christmas paper.

Might get the train over wearing a Christmas jumper.

There are 7 of us, so slightly breaking the rules. But mum really wants it the happen and we’ve stuck to rules to date.


Just nipped into the garden to say good morning to the neighbour’s cat and he just looked me dead in the eye while throwing up on the grass.

merry christmas ynot and family :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :evergreen_tree:


meeting a friend for a walk and probably some lunch. not much apart from that, watch the football later.
happy sunday all. :kissing_heart:

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Good morning. I’m in Wales :blush:

My favourite DiSers post in the 🥚 Sunday Dinner 20-06-2021 🥚 thread


Stayed up a bit too late; drank a bit too much wine.

So worth it, though - met a bunch of friends last night that I’ve known since I was 11 years old.

Only pizza can save me today.


Smallest child stayed in her own bed all night for first time in weeks so had a great nights sleep for a change. Finished week one of c25k with the dog, she still hates me for making her run. Need to grab ingredients for a cheesecake for Mr B who is out playing cricket all day, but need to decide on what flavour (suggestions welcome).


White chocolate and raspberry or passionfruit
Lemon and ginger
Congratulations on the good sleep :tada:

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Cba with anything today. Got that dread feeling already.

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Ha we went this morning as well. Bit rubbish with the train shed, the warehouse and the airplane being shut. The Factory exhibition was excellent apart from the 2 interactive bits you needed your own headphones.


She’s so love a lee
She’s so love a lee
She’s so love a lee
She’s so love a layer

My fringe is way too long, I look like a choirboy :joy:

Its my birthday. And @xylo as well I believe. Happy Birthday Sir.