It Is Sunday.

Alright? Currently still very much in bed and not planning on moving for a while. Looks like a nice day though so might try and get out for a walk along the cliffs later. Need to do a pre-cleaner clean as well before tomorrow. What’s going on with you then?


I’m going to work in an hour or so. Really, really cba, but this is the start of a 3 day week, and I have a 4 day weekend at the end of it. Children free night tonight, so may go out for a nice dinner, but lots of the nicer places in town don’t serve food past 5.


One of the first things I looked at after waking up, made me laugh



Got a hangover

Just at the :coffee: :couch_and_lamp: stage, may be here for some time


I’m hungover and have to drive back from Bath at some point. :sob:


Woke up at 5 absolutely drenched in sweat (my fever had got as high as 42.C during the night)

Stripped the bed, threw my pyjamas in the wash (it was like I’d been swimming in them) along with the bedclothes, had a shower and generally felt relieved that the worst of it is over.

Still feel ropey as hell & my temperature is still nudging 39C mind but last night was absolute torture. I think I collapsed at one point, came to on the floor of my bedroom anyway with no idea how I got there

feels like I’ve turned a corner



I’m going to Kew Gardens for a day out with some incredible people that I’ve been friends with for 35 years (but not seen for 2); and then out for a (dry) pub lunch.



Currently playing a bit of Skyrim. Will go out for a walk at some point soon, then I want to make some flapjack as I got a bag of oats many many times larger than I was expecting in our shop.

Got a bit of clearing up to do before we get an exercise bike delivered later on.


Was treated to the sight of mommy fox and a couple of foxlets playing in the field when we woke up this morning. Here is an appalling photo of them.

Not much on the agenda for today


Morning I’ve been left on my own with 2 kids for the 1st time. Mrs Roughyed has left me for a few hours to go to a spa with friends. Pray for me because it is of course all about me.

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I’ve ordered a maccies breakfast (double egg and bacon McMuffin, hash brown, large red coke)


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Playing with Billy.

Trying to get the minimum amount of work done to make it through tomorrow.

Yoga at some point.

@UncleRetrospective where did you go??


Just visiting friends. Had a lovely time.

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How did he sleep?

Day 7 of isolation today. Absolutely knackered. Praying one of the kids tests negative so they can return to school tomorrow and give us all a break from each other.


Not bad! Went to sleep when we went up at 10 fine then woke 12 and 2 then until 6.30.

I went down and let him out then sat with him each time for about twenty minutes until he settled.


Morning all!

I’ve just woken up and I’m having a coffee. Wor Lass has started doing The Child’s hair.

Not sure what is happening today but there was talk of Wor Lass’s brother and girlfriend coming across to take The Child out somewhere. Depending on what time it is happening, I might suggest a childless pub lunch to Wor Lass.

Oh I’ve been here. That didn’t happen to me tho :frowning:

How was the date yesterday?