It is Sunday

Good morning, it is Sunday! No thread yet? What are you up to this fine day of Sun :sun_with_face:

Been at work since 6.30. Had a McDs brekkie before I started as a pick-me-up. Here until 6.30. Second 12hr shift on the bounce. :disappointed::disappointed::upside_down_face:

Need to go look at a sofa before restrictions get lifted and we have to hermetically seal the house against the plague-ridden masses.

Might get some vegan doughnuts while I’m out there.

I’m enjoying my second day in a row waking up without being in pain for the first time in two months.:slightly_smiling_face:

Gonna have some toast and then probably play civ 6 all day.


Woke up at 5am and was sick, a lot. Think I got a bug as son was sick yesterday. Feel like my body is on fire and tied down with weights. Good times. #pray4safari


Off to a record fair in a bar so that’ll be dangerous

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You can sit on them too you know. Give it a try you’ll be amazed!


Sofar sogood!

Morning all.

Going for a meal for my mom’s birthday this afternoon. That’s about it.

Try and take the dog for a walk at some point if there’s a break in the weather.


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Absolute state of the weather. Was gonna go for a nice long walk but that’s fucked now.
Might go to the art gallery

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I’ve woken up with my first hangover since the Christmas break. Very much hoping that a hotel breakfast will fix me.

Tim Key on Sunday Brunch klaxon

Going on trains for hours, train lunch

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Got some pals coming round. Getting a cake as the kiddo is 2 months and, well, any excuse.

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Sake, Pretty is Pret fyi


Someone kept trying to recruit me to Éirigí last night


Channelled my mood last night into some writing rather than sleep. Feeling suitably emo now. Off to the cinema with my headphones and a notebook in the hope of blocking out Sing 2 and to get some more done.

If i come home with any of the soubdtrack in my head there’ll be hell to pay.

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Need to go to the supermarket as we (well, my boyfriend, but I didn’t check) forgot to add carrots to our online shop. The weather isn’t very nice.


Jimbo didn’t want to do junior ParkRun this morning so I took myself on a little 2k run instead. Despite running on a path in the park, I still nearly got run down by a council van. When he stopped I gave him an earful and consequently my first kilometre time isn’t what it could have been

We’re off to some friends for lunch a bit later. I think it might be some kind of delayed Christmas do, but who knows. Everyone’s bringing a dish, so I bought some meringue roulade. Mmmm.