It is Sunday


Boring dream chat. Was married to the main girl out of ugly Betty and she was mega frugal, we were in amazing places and she kept making me go into Wetherspoons and get whatever was on offer.
I had money and she wouldn’t let me spend it, was awful.

Don’t think I’m gonna be able to finish superstore


Stick me down as another for McDonald’s breakfast club.


What you havin Hun?


Double sausage McMuffin, hashy B and a big coke.


Cycled for half an hour each way last night to go to an ‘illegal rave’ that was just a bunch of teenagers huddled around a little speaker in the freezing cold


There are a couple of good ones in the opening fifteen minutes - the opening number is pretty much the musical highlight for me.

Got soaked, but a good spread of baked goods for the day

Choc hazelnut knot, rhubarb cruffin, croissant and leek and cheese knot


How long did you stay?

Morning all!

I’m being driven to Edinburgh in the torrential rain to attend Wor Lass’s Mam’s birthday meal. We’re eating at the totally normal time of 11.30.

I’m pretty fried after a day of almost lone-parenting and a morning of wrangling breakfast and getting ready too early; I’ll be even more fried after being on my best behaviour for Wor Lass’s family all day.

Tomorrow is my lone day of half term: Roll on this evening when I can drink some beers and go to sleep before the Superb Owl starts.

Brunching or a proper meal?

Morning all. I’m having a toast and jam tea and some strawbs

Size on this lad


About 30 minutes
Gave one of them my leftover tin when i left and I’ve never seen anyone happier

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Double sausage and egg mcmuffin, 2 x hashy bs and a tea for me


I’d like to go and see Sing 2 but unfortunately I do not own a child so would be a bit weird a 33 year old and a 40 year old going to see this film.

A decent start to the day

I said I’ll see how I feel in the morning when it comes to going to my 10am gym class. Slept til 9:45 though didn’t I!!!

I need to get 17k steps today in order to achieve my 100k steps a week, will I do it? Spoiler: probably not

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Full meal; probably full roast.

Eeeesh :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve seen lots of childfree adults in kids films before (notably however the couple at Moana who were wanking each other off)