It is surprisingly rare that

I know for sure which of the names Andrea Riseborough and Julie Hesmondhalgh corresponds with which person

Right now though I have them both correctly identified


Had to read this about five times before I understood what you were saying


Complex concept communicated with the complexity that it warranted. Thank you for sharing.

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Remember the Channel 4 show RI:SE

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Pleased about this. :+1:


julie hesmondhalgh is hayley from coronation street, shes a fucking ledge. andrea riseborough is fine i guess?

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dermot o’leary and ben shepard are similar for me,

and katherine parkinson and diane morgan (i had to google both their names though. Just know them as her from the it crowd and cunk)

im a simple soul.

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not sure who she is and google is on another tab…

idk, i just googled her and it turns out shes been in a bunch of shit ive not seen

I reckon between us we can agree she is fine then :+1: (at least until someone posts a baby pic of her in a nazi costume or something)

Riseborough was born on 20 November 1981 in Newcastle upon Tyne, the daughter of Isabel, a secretary and beautician, and George, a car dealer.[1] She grew up in Whitley Bay. In reference to The Long Walk to Finchley , she has described her parents as “working-class Thatcherites.”[2]



Andrea Riseborough has the most ‘looks completely different every time I see her but still the same’ face I’ve seen

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