It is the evening, Monday.

Bit late, isn’t it?

Wor Lass made a lentil soup with some garlic butter on top,served with a nice spiced cornbread from Sainsbury’s. It was excellent.

No plans tonight except a little bit of work and maybe a Game of Squids.


Alright? I seem to have lost my sense of appetite. Can’t even face the thought of soup.

I’m babysitting my 3 nephews for the first time on my own tonight :grimacing::grinning:


Give up


Start a band with them


Insert something interesting here.


Got Chinese (duck chow mein), having beer, had massage, Succession, try not to freeze

Oh cool, my brother seems to be a conspiracy theory guy now


Going to a gig. May have one whole pint.


Yes it is a bit late for an evening thread

I bought an expensive take away cold smoked salmon & bulgur deli salad with ‘home made’ Dijonaise from the massive shopping mall that I went to after work.

Just finishing it now. It was fantastic, best decision I’ve made all day

Fucking brilliant food


Nearly bought orange chicken but I chickened out

Picked up a rental car, went to the midwife, worked and just lit the fire. Absolutely knackered tbh.

I’m slightly regretting my decision to have today and tomorrow off. Feels like having three consecutive Sundays.


Watching poirot, had left over curry, going to attempt to do some secret Santaing.

Got a massive hole in my favourite socks. Always manage to catch my socks on this one awkward floor board.

Back is in bits. This is great

Evenin keith, all

Got told I done a good job at work today so my reward was *only* having to work a ~10hr day. Think tonight might be my only night this week when I can just laze around on the sofa and watch shite telly so i’m gonna do exactly that.

Hoping between my knackered boiler and the kettle I can get a bath’s worth of hot water :pray:

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So sorry man, back stuff is the worst

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Actually quite warm out now, what gives