It is the evening of T*H*U*R*S*D*A*Y!

Here we go.

Edit: Here is my super important evening post which I posted in the wrong thread. Enjoy.

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Alright wr! Not got much doing tonight. Gonna have pie and then watch Frantz.

Still genuinely over the moon our sofa is coming next Thursday :couch_and_lamp:

Evening, gang. Got a bit more work to do, then will cook some dinner (chicken breast stuffed with salami, garlic philly, and fresh basil, roast broccoli and cauliflower, and some Jamie Oliver sweet potato mash), and do some house set-up/tidying before crashing with Freaks and Geeks.

Tell me about this new sofa please

Gonna heat some chili we made yesterday, cook some rice and garlic bread. Then continue doing what I’ve done all day, fuck all. Hunted on later so might watch that.

Check out this absolute baby:

“Mr Holland added: “It’s best that I leave the society now before they announce James Corden as the creative partner for 2019, a year in which Patrick Bronte is being remembered, and Rita Ora as organiser for Anne Bronte’s celebrations in 2020.”

Went home from work sick, took a nap, felt better. Now going to do a couple of hours work so I don’t need to catch up at the weekend.


finished my art stuff so now I’m just eating softmints and playing Hearthstone


I’ve got a really sexy desk coming next week. Gonna set up an office space in the new house.

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Evening. I’ve already been to sainsbos today but then I remembered about @Aggpass’s halloumi burgers and now that’s all I want but can I be bothered to go back outside?

I’ve also got some squaffles in the fridge that I should really have.

It’s blush in colour and velvet in material. Oddly no pictures of it exist in full on the internet so here’s an arm tease:


Evening WR, JI, ATT and anyone else who’s replied in the meantime… Off to see Laetitia Sadier in a bit. Just started reading Viriginia Woolf’s selected diaries, purely because Olivia Laing raves about how good they are. I’ve also got a mahoosive pan of mushy peas to freeze later.


doesn’t Lily Cole have a first in fine art from oxford or something?

what an absolute belm this guy is

Ooh I do enjoy that

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Reading her list of accomplishments she sounds like a great choice? :woman_shrugging:

Fancied a drink when I got in but no wine. Found a bottle of brandy in the cupboard. I could get used to this


We’ve got a 50s drinks cabinet coming tomorrow that my wife found on gumtree for 20 quid. Quite enjoying filling the house with this kind of shit.


Probably thought he was gonna get it.

I’m home but I’ve got a bad headache coming on. Not going to do anything for half hour.

Then I’ll cook dinner, pork chops, mash, broccoli and carrots.

gonna wait till he tweets about it and reply just saying waaaaaaaaaa

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