It is the evening of Wednesday

Hiya pals! What you got going on this evening? It’s mighty foggy and drizzly here, got some jacket spuds in the oven for a Brian Harvey dinner, we’ve been listening to a load of old music and singing loudly to Everywhere by Michelle Branch, so a good day so far. Going to open a beer I think. Now you!

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Hiya Funkster :wave:. I’m on my way to London, I’m hoping that Oxford Parkway has some decent food options cause I’m starving.

When are you next home?

I’ve been thinking about it and I reckon that, if I had to, I could eat three standard sized burritos in one sitting. If I had to.


Had a really late lunch (4pm) so who knows if dinner will happen, what it will be and when.

One thing I do know is the egg custard I was saving for later has been spied and eaten by Jnr.

Did it once, won a t-shirt.


Having my quarterly “I’m fucking drowning at work and I don’t know how to resolve it” moment.

Late tomorrow

Got the (not) steam train from Swanage to Corfe Castle and back. The steam engine was broken so if was replaced by a diesel which was disappointing but still good. Had lunch and a couple of pints in nice pub before getting a train back.

Then we walked miles to Old Harry Rocks. This is as close to the edge as you’ll get me. Someone walked down the very narrow tip to the end, but it was very windy so sod that.


It’s a nice walk out to Old Harry’s Rock from Swanage. Also really like Corfe Castle and the steam railway. Hope your week is going ok ynot

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I was trying to explain the Brian Harvey blue plaque to my kids the other day. They just looked at me with a mixture of contempt and pity.




Thai green curry, masterchef, bed at 9pm. Never day drinking again.

Ok… :zipper_mouth_face::cocktail:

See you in the pub tomorrow lunchtime?


Another member of the jacky p club, with added GBBO, gin and potentially putting the heating on …


Good kid that one

Take that as a yes

  • Go for dinner with colleagues
  • Say ‘I’m meeting a friend’ & go on my own

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