It is the evening of Wednesday

Bitch by Meredith Brooks might be the best song in the world to sing whilst folding the washing.

if we’re talking about a hostage situation, i honestly don’t know what the limit would be



I reckon it would be Biffy Clyro’s Folding Stars, but every time he says “stars”, say “clothes”

Video chatted with the TV and the baby who was adorably transfixed by the video of me :heart: Missing her something silly.

Now it’s another reasonable hotel dinner and eking out the dregs of chat with my colleague.

Ah I bloody love that railway, Swanage, Corfe Castle, the Purbeck hills and Old Harry Rocks. You wouldn’t get me anywhere near the edge either. Looks like a great day:)

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Ask them if they think that crabs think that we walk sideways.


quiche, potatoes, corn on the cob for dinner.

catching up with GBBO now, making nice cup of tea in a minute.

Now I really want to go to the seaside on saturday…

Is that not about his dead mother? Wouldn’t feel appropriate to belt that out while handling my smalls tbh.

We just gave the neighbours a near perfect rendition of the Prince & Rosie Gaines version of Nothing Compares 2 U. Probably gonna get evicted.

Weather was perfect yesterday, a mixed bag today.

Off to a nice pub in a bit once my feet have recovered.

We’re heading back tomorrow either via Poole/Brownsea Island or Winchester, not decided yet.

Going with colleagues as can’t be arsed lying


Although every time you put something in the wash and the colour runs you could sing Washing Is A Problem Because Everything Dyes.

Your priorities disgust me.

I know I’m gonna regret it within 10mins of wandering aimlessly saying ‘What do you fancy?’ ‘Dont mind’


half way through this 6 hour train journey

so bored


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Then just pick somewhere you like and it’s win win

I am now in Degerfors



Dont really know anywhere do I? Plus if its shit its my fault.