It is the evening


Have I missed anything good
My new office has free beer all day every day, it’s not fair.


You missed the panic this morning where barely anyone was able to like anything and we all started to suffer from validation withdrawal.


Hiya ruffers :wave: I can’t find my phone :confused:


Evening RuffDawg, your Work has free beer all day?!


Bout to meet some ATDs for food and beers before pouring ourselves in the tuts for the cribs.
Have a swift beer before we meet, damn it tastes so good :+1:


Have you tried ringing it?


Evening all!

Just listening to Greta Gerwig on WTF. I don’t know who she is but she seems cool! May have a beer later and then I’ll hit the bed early. Might look up record shelving as I’ve filled my Ikea unit.

RuffDawg, free beer all day sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!


Enjoy the Cribs man, would fucking love to see them.


In the communal kitchen there’s a literal pale ale tap and pint glasses, it’s fucking dangerous
(Keeping to a strict 2 pint limit until I don’t care anymore)


It’s always such a fun gig :grinning:


I keep my phone on silent and the vibrate is off. I’m smart that way :smiley: It’s okay, I found it. It was in my dressing gown.


Fucking hell, maybe I should consider that for our work :thinking:


At least you’re always prepared for the cinema :slight_smile:


Nooo, I switch it completely off at el cinema. Why have it on at all? Hmmmm?


Words fail me witches. They absolutely fail me.


feeling :frowning:


Why the fuck have it in at all at the cinema?!


What’s up Bam? :hugs:



What are you trying to say there lopes? That people should leave their phones … at home? *gasp* snigger, almost wrote gash :roll_eyes:


My name’s CCB and I’m here to say
I’m going to start my Christmas wrapping this evening