It is the thread of the evening of tonight

Hi everyone

Was going to eat some healthy food today - but I seem to be having pizza, beer and chocolate for dinner

I’m going to watch inside number 9, maybe the new Marc Maron standup thing on netflix, new curb episode. Then bed, maybe a bit of book

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The boy is still running around nude after his bath, singing Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys. Bedtime could be a challenge.

Low carb cauliflower rice Mexican thing for dinner (which is actually really tasty)

Also, my camera came back from the repairers today, so now I get to have fun with it. I’m WFH tomorrow, so I should be able to make a good start then.


Have been feeling quite unwell with sore joints/dizziness/shallow breathing all day. Obviously have freaked myself out as to what it could be (and almost definitely isn’t). Partner is as her parents tonight too so I’m home alone like Kevin from the film home alone

Am in bed now watching Better Call Saul waiting on a pizza delivery. Either gonna WFH or call in sick tomorrow :metal:



“Comin from Uranus to check my style”




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She woke up and started crying around the time you posted this. Read into that what you will.

I am so sorry

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I’ll stir fry you in my wok. Never heard it called that before tbf.


Spent the day listening to 160 of my work phone calls trying to find something. Couldn’t find it. Want to beat my head off a wall.


Did a 15 minute full body workout last night with weights and my hamstrings and abdominal muscles are fucking killing me. Was squating down to sit on one of the ridiculously small chairs in my classroom and thought I’d never get back up.

Just really shows I’ve done fuck all with my body for like 4 months :joy:

15 minutes :rofl:


Sure, I’m not your mum.


Good counselling sesh today, probably the best at outlining the tightrope I have been walking between ‘earnestly sorting out my life, killing it at work and trying really hard to make changes that are healthy and sustainable’ and ‘deeply scarred by 2019, riddled with anxiety and becoming increasingly insular’. Basically just non stop talking. Had been fretting non stop about a couple of things since Sunday morning and that’s rested up a bit for now which is nice.

Bunged a 300 cal sweet potato cottage pie in the microwave, catching up on Masterchef, going swimming in a bit. Lush.


Watching a program with the kids about the worlds most dangerous animals. There was a fella on there a minute ago, recounting the tale of when he had a fight with a wild bear.

Apparently it was only down to his karate skills that he was able to fend it off.

He gave a little demonstration of his moves. They did not look convincing. I found myself laughing uncontrollably at the thought of him having a shit karate fight with a bear twice the size of him.


baked potato with stuff

high fidelity, the show

making plans for liverpool (/nigel)



Don’t have to sound too pleased about me not being your mum .

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There are many things that I could do with my evening but I think drinking beer might be the only one of them I can really be bothered with.

Today has been anotger rather bad day.

Evening, people of DiS.

Had three more phone interviews today, at least two of which went well enough to get to the next stage, so I’m pretty happy about that. 3 hour face-to-face tomorrow afternoon :grimacing:.

I’m home alone tonight (and for the rest of the week), so I’ll be drinking some mid-range Spanish lager, eating pizza and watching cycling and Better Call Saul tonight.