It is Thursday evening now

Please post here.

Had a fucking long day and a very busy tour. Cpuld not be even remotely fucked with cooking


In the same bar that Be Your Own Pet are at


Can you tell them that their new album is disappointing please. Or just shout WE DON’T LIKE BECKY ANYMORE


Its payday and ive got a hankering for haddock and chips, with a large seving of curry sauce. Possibly even with a NA beer. Need to be somewhat productive tonight but will probably find some time to smash up a few werewolves as well.


Day of work and nonsense with a jacky p for dinner

Should be at yoga but it’s too miserable outside

Have had to put a cardigan on.

Making plans for Saturday when the sun will shine

Hiya! Think I’m too burnt out to go see Part Chimp, a full WEEK of day and night socialising :fearful: bloody hell.

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My 14 year old niece has made a rather great birthday cake for my mum.


:purple_heart: :blue_heart: :orange_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :hearts:

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Evening all :wave:

Work day was long and frustrating. At the very least, I had a good chuckle during my last meeting so that was good.

Going to have some veggie chilli and a bottle of South Devon’s finest beer.


gonna stay up to write so having a late dinner… I’m thinking labneh, roasted aubergine, and pul biber on toast

:milk_glass: :milk_glass:
:eggplant: :hot_pepper:

that’s a portrait of my coy little dinner in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Made sticky chilli chicken and rice. Fucking banging

More true detective and a couple of beers



Trying to decide which snack to have this evening. Had a handful of grapes last night; had a lousy day so gonna indulge.

Good excuse for a poll where all of DIS criticises my food taste:

  • Frys Chocolate Cream
  • Walkers Max Pizza Hut Texan BBQ Flavour
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(Important note: Chocolate Cream, NOT Peppermint Cream. Thanks.)

So much running this week I’ve got like 4 different blisters on my feet :weary:

Sad I’m going to have to give it up for a while as it’s been so helpful with my anxiety lately.

Lots of celebrities living in England aren’t there

Not seen any yet but I’ve got my eyes peeled


Question for website people - is there anywhere I can make a super simple page that I can customise a bit? Fucking everywhere is not allowing me to change my font and background colours unless I upgrade: wordpress, drupal, tumblr(!!!), squarespace, wix. ffs!

Saw a perfectly fine horror film, had a nice pint and chat, home now maybe via the chippie

CSI and lie on sofa then bed. TIRED

Get some post today did you?

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A girl from my tour today has just emailed saying my tour made her emotional and “i think you’re great” and now I’m crying :sweat_smile: Can’t reply or we’ll be stuck in an infinite loop of crying.

Started a book called something like “everything you should know about Great Britain” but got to page 3 and in the section on the Union flag they’ve only referred to it as the Union Jack throughout. Pure fuming!