It is Thursday

Seeing as I seem to be a filth whore this feels apt.

Had about four hours sleep and feeling marginally better than I did yesterday.

Hbu huns? Hope you all have wonderful days, you’re brilliant and never let anyone tell you you’re not x

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I have also lost the ability to sleep. Going to try snoozing on the sofa.

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Bone tired and still having really complicated dreams, this one was like a film and not a pov dream of a girl who comes out as non binary to their family and friends and boyfriend and is struggling to get people to accept them but eventually wears them down and cuts their hair short and it makes them very happy. There was a weird interlude where I was someone pretending to be pregnant to get into a special platform as trains are now really rare and it was full of people faking injuries and stuff for special treatment and the officers trying to find out whose fake realised I had balloons under my jumper and wasnt pregnant and they shouted at me for having a shit disguise and I had to join the proper queue which was very long. It was really complex in the sense that it was all, weird interlude as well, in the near future with complex arguments, like the protagonist argues with their dad when their dad calls them babe arguing by quoting some law that prohibits unwanted pet names and was using a bunch of legal jargon really fast that the dad was impressed with and my overall consciousness was like “how am I doing this” so so strange, already as I’m writing this I know I’m forgetting some parts sorry to clog up the thread but this was definitely one of my more cinematic dreams and I hope to remmeber it (not the train bit though because at one point I nearly fell on the tracks and it was terrifying)

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Morning lovelies. Got my new (and preeetttyyy tight) dress on. Breathing in all day then :smiley:

Yoga later. Can’t wait.

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There’s no coffee in the house :scream:

Might have a builder coming this morning. Might not. The latter seems more likely.



Pinch punch


Slept pretty good

Struggling to get up though as usual. Interesting eh

Also hi,

Slept 7:50-6:10 and seem to have shaken off whatever was making me feel really unwell yesterday, so as I treat I get to go get my flu jab after I drop R at school.

Making vaguely Mexican food later so looking forward to that.


Had the most awful nightmares BUT one of them was a set in an amazing old building that I cant stop thinking about.

So cold and bed is cosy, got to work all day (again) even though its my day off so going to treat myself to a nice breakfast first of all.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Happy October kids!

Woke up in the middle of the night to the overwhelming stench of cat shit. I’ve come down this morning and can’t see any not in the litter tray, and both kittens get shut in the kitchen at night, so I hope I don’t find it in an unfortunate manner later. Maybe it was all a vivid dream.


My dressing gown is slightly damp, which is really bothersome. Merry new month everyone, hope it’s a good one.

Morning all!

I’ve got loads of work to do before I start teaching at 9.30.

My legs are aching after football last night.

Morning all. Nothing as good as pasta to look forward to like yesterday. Currently watching Portacabins being delivered to the building site across the road from the office. I live a fascinating life.

Something something Billie Joe Armstrong needs waking up

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Nice autumn picture on the calendar :date:


About to go out and do nursery drop off. Then the morning is totally free. No idea what’s going on. Back to work at 1pm.

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Morning :sun_behind_small_cloud:
Food shop being delivered between 10 and 11, exciting times.
Just heard an advert for Butlins on t’radio, starring Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash and that’s really pleased me cause they deffo actually do go to Butlins and I bet they were dead chuffed to get that gig and probs get a free chalet as payment.

Rest of my day is dull, start an assignment, go to the solicitors, go to the gym… :sleeping:
What’s it some of you lot say? Something about a meat shovel. Yeah, that.