It is Thursday.

Alright? Off for another day down the beer mines in a minute, probably be busy as fuck again and I’m getting the famous cold that everyone’s raving about. Might stop whinging long enough to make a nice dinner later, who can say at this early stage. What’s on?

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Touches wood, I seem to be better now. Just sleepy. On the late shift, buuuut, my son is pretty ill so I think it may be a trip to the docs with him. Exciting uh


Morning Funky, DiS :wave:

Rubbish sleep. All 3 of us have the famous cold, though mini is getting better BUT is teething, so no ones sleeping at the same time. Awake but still in bed, might try go back asleep in a bit as mini is still asleep.

Coffee when i get up and maybe toast. Lazy day ahead.

Maybe wrap up warm and go for a stroll later.

Christmas party II this evening, imagine it’ll be less… chaotic… than the one last week due to train strikes.

3 more days of work this calendar year, awwww shit

My darling partner got in from her Xmas do at 4am, turned on all the lights and demanded a cuddle. Expecting to crash at about 2.


I think I’m almost over THE COLD Y2K22 I’m basically just a snot wagon now. Spent the night on the sofa as everyone had decided our bed was the place to be. That was fine until 4am when the power came back on after a power cut and the doorbell rang and nearly shat meself.

Should have stayed at home today the bus was far too busy for 7am.

Bad cold, big cough and feel really tired. Want to go to the beach on Monday though, hope I’m better by then but idk how it will work with the strikes. Always wanted to go to the seaside in winter and this is a pretty good chance. Either that or a nice garden i guess but I’m determined to go outside

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Goodly morningo

Cold again, innit?

Want to go for a bike, slightly worried about ice but we’ll see.

Need to wrap some presents but absolutely cba. Really can’t be bothered with Christmas this year. No motivation for it at all.


I’m heading south for the christmas break today. Have a lot to do before I’m ready to leave with the afternoon ferry so naturally I’m still in bed on my phone.


Had a phlegmy cough for about a week. Hasn’t developed into anything else though. Yet.

Morning all, can’t believe it’s AQOS eve already! It’s another cold frosty one.

Day off today, in theory I’ve still got another two before Xmas but we’ll see how that works out. Have to go and pick up a present which means leaving the house so I’m not massively keen on that but sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Car is frozen solid though, so it’s either scraping away in the cold or getting the bus, which will take ages. Anybody have any good tips for defrosting a windscreen? Ones that I could perform from bed especially welcome, thanks.

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Forecast says it’s going to be 14 degrees on Monday (and wet and windy). Fuck that shit.

quick poll please guide me

  • go up the mountain cc
  • no!

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M off sick. Noooooo.

Forgot to buy bread. Noooooooooooooo.

Had A in bed next to me this morning, trying to get her back to sleep, when she sat up and roared “Lights on!” Teaching her words was a mistake!

Means we’re up having breakfast now. Might go for a walk later. Absolutely not arsed doing much more.

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Big news, evening fans, as of yesterday, sunsets are getting later.


Hello hello! Happy thursday

Already done the school run, and my word it’s still very chilly out there. I’ve got to go out again for a blood test later this morning, and I’m feeling cold at the very prospect. Or maybe it’s just my house (and specifically the room I work in) that’s cold.

Was planning to have a lie in but the dog was sick and I’m the designated sick cleaner-upper. Back in bed but getting nagged about a bunch of stuff :weary: waaah

work christmas lunch later, will be good but since i organised it it’s also been minorly stressful. Plus I was excited to finish up tomorrow, but since im way behind on my work … not happening

phone won’t charge either, irritating

Glorious morning in South Manchester

It is absolutely bitter out though.

I’m the only one in the office. There was a power cut earlier in the week and they suspended the 40% expectation, so I guess all my coworkers have gone (Homer backing into the hedge).

Giving it until half past and then I’m playing music out loud.