It is Tuesday and it is the evening


Very dull day today, dragged on and on but now it’s over, there are jacket potatoes in the oven, MAFSA on the TV and Irn Bru Extra in a can so all is well. What’s happening with you?!?


Hi funky

I am still at work but shortly I will cycle home, might go for a run, then heat up some roast veg and gnocchi and maybe watch some Seinfeld and/or play vidya

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My neighbour who is moving out kindly propped open the front door of the building for the entire fucking day, so my flat is freezing. She also stole a basket I put in the lobby to make it look less messy with the post. It cost £1.50 but I’m livid, I really am.

I need to tidy my flat before I go to Bristol and then Leeds for the rest of the week. Also pop to supermarket to get some Monster and food to eat on the go. Luckily I checked I’d bought train tickets for my work trip because, er, I hadn’t and had to just do it last min.

Really miss my friend who is still AWOL :frowning:

Hello, I have some red bean dorayaki and chamomile tea for a snack, had a big lunch (japchae) and will have a little dinner (egg on toast)

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Been absolutely furious all day, no idea why.


Hello, I’m very glad work is over.

I’m considering buying some prints from this seller but they’re based in America and the delivery plus import tax is yikes:

I like these in particular


Having a crumpet and singing ‘let’s get down with the crumpets’ before a gong bath later tonight

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Just finished at my job and I’m OFF UNTIL I START MY NEW ONE ON THE 28TH!!! :tada:

Have to take my monitors and stuff back to the office now but I cba

Will probably get a KFC

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Just making a Linda mac sausage baguette.

Dunno what to do after that.

I’m tired.

My sister called today in a bit of a whole, so we’re gonna ‘co-watch’ a movie tonight. She’s a GP and having a shit time at work - whole situation sounds totally shite. People can be such dicks.

Poured it down just in time for my walk home with no waterproofs. Had to take all my clothes off at the door. Inside of it that is.

Almost got a meal deal in tesco but absolutely refuse to give in to the clubcard scheme. I’ll pay way more money for a depressing ready meal because of stubbornness, thank you.

Away day was awful as predicted, but the speed dating element at least revealed I was the only non “covid is a conspiracy” person in the room including all the management, lol. They got me the vegan speciality again for lunch…dry bread and cucumber sandwiches. Stop spoiling me so much guys, its embarrassing!

A what now?

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1:53 is way too long for me to watch but I get the idea!

I played netball in junior school, really enjoyed it until I became self conscious that I was the only boy on the team.

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Evening all

I’ve not left the house today so I think I might go for a walk after dinner. The cheeksters were encouraged to do some painting before dinner and did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves :smiley:


I am standing outdoors watching my daughter play football. The big coat is keeping the middle part of me warm, but everything else is freezing.