It is Tuesday evening, just

And I just wolfed down this.

Tell me, did you fall from a shooting star? Got a banging night planned?



Proper tired. 3 o’clock start, best part of an 11hr day. Having some sort of pesto pasta for tea, and fennel tea and bed I think


You’d marry burrata, you would.



dunno what to do with myself tonight. already had a bath and listened to enya, thought it was later than it was and my eyes have had about enough video games for one day. gonna make salmon and veg for tea and try to think of something i have the brain power to do. might just lay waste to the whole evening with some extended LOTR or something.


Commence BLOTO.

* big lad on the oranjebooms.


Evening all

Hey @tilty, I’m having your favourite for dinner

Not much on afterwards. Watch TV. Maybe drink beer.


Doths cap.

Had a good haul of post earlier so going to try everything on. Got a Sigrid t-shirt, a few other tops some of which are 100% aspirational tops for Primavera… one is much more n-trance 90s satin than I imagined.

Eyes Wide Shut later then. Never ordered that cava yesterday…is tonight the night? (No)

But most importantly going to take my new shower for a spin, can’t wait to be clean :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tbf that rana stuff looks like it might actually be dece!

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Off to the pool. Might grab a beer on the way home


Watching the six o clock news like I’m a boomer - I’ve found pointless and then the news, then make dinner brings a bit of structure and certainty to my rather aimless life , although I mainly look at my phone or my book when they’re on

Met my daughter earlier, had a Gail’s cinnamon bun, did most of my Christmas shopping but I might get a bit more another day. Then just read

Gonna stir fry again then watch more Dopesick


Evening the last of the Wellington, this time with ‘Spanish’ smokey beans.

Sister has just said she has ordered another No Beef Wellington for Xmas day, so gonna go shopping for something else. And next couple of days, need to get nice simple stuff.

Shitter of a day yet again, but I did get paid yesterday, so pizza and beer I reckon.

I’m doing a bonus Christmas special on the radio show I’m on at about 8.30. Should be fun, and a good excuse for me to start on my Christmas beer stash

Thought this was a lyric from this

That was my last day of work until the 27th

Fuck yesssss


Drops of Jupiter by Train


Evening all :wave:

Work was very busy today. On top of that, we had to take cheekster #2 for a PCR as she had a temperature - however she seems to have recovered in the space of a few hours (and with the help of Calpol) so I have high hopes for her PCR to be negative.

Evening plans: might do one of the pre-Christmas chores I need to do, and then relax for a bit.

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On holiday. On the beers! Oi oi!!11

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