Here’s the appropriate thread.

Got dauphinois in the oven and some steaks to go with it for a post-birthday treat, gonna power through rewatching season 9 of The Office too and try and put up with it till the finale.

What about you?


Hey up funks.

Got a stye on my eye which is not good.

So it’s stove top potatoes, veg and sausages for tea, then yoga and bake off and bed.

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Went for lunch with my auld ma for a bit, before Bridgend locks down… oh 5 minutes ago now. Really hope she can hang on with all this. Just about ready to cave someone’s head in tbh.


Big Tesla announcement at 9.30, so I’ll have a couple of brewskis while waiting for ma boi Elon to rock the world with his rumoured brand new market leading tech.

By which I mean playing computer games from now until bedtime

Ooh that’s never nice. RIP Slickeye.

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Did I tell you guys I’m knitting a Slytherin scarf? Cause I am.

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Doing a Thai cooking class. Hoping to learn the mystery of the green curry and how to make one that isn’t rubbish. :drooling_face:

Playing guitar on the porch

The porch is my room with the window open and the sun is going down

So not really a porch

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I have veggie spring rolls, and I’m going to attempt to make a peanut dip for them with hoisin sauce, soy sauce and peanut butter



Doing everything I can to not apply for a job I would like to get. Why is it so hard to get motivated to do something I actually want to do? Annoying

Other than that I have no plans other than to eat cake


Hi evening crew, how the deez are you?

I’m having a very small glass of red wine I found in the reduced section of our local shop, it’s really nice, love the reduced section. Got an absolute buttload of work to do this evening.


was it from the little tower of red in the co-op perchance
very much want one of those

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No, it was from the One Stop, which thanks to its sharing Tesco’s supply chain has Tesco wine at corner shop prices!

Didn’t see any pint cans :frowning:


Waiting in a restaurant for my dinner date to turn up. Drinking a Negroni.


discount wine, you’ve won me over though

Good drink choice, that.


Yeah, there’s generally some of the nicer Tesco stuff (not like the nice nice stuff, but what am I, a Roosevelt?) in there that they’re trying to move overstock of.

the ATD i live with brought me an Orange Twirl home

I’m making her steak tonight, I love steak

work was fine

Tuesday Steak Club :fist_right::fist_left:

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they’ll call us The Steak Brothers

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