It is Tuesday evening now

What’s on? Had quorn nuggets in wraps for tea, gonna listen to the big game and drink some lemonade I think. Very tired.

Working up the energy to leave the boozer and walk 2.1 miles home via Lidl to get pasta.

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Can you get me some eggs plz?

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Gws :heart:

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Alright. Long weird day. But that’s over. Now in the process of making soup for tea. Gonna crash soon I think. Gonna try and plan a nice end to the week.

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blimey, is it evening already? Thought it was about 4pm

I suppose I should go home & eat some dinner

Yes no problem.

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I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.

In other news, currently on an interminable zoom call with the organisation I volunteer with and losing the will to live

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this is the kinda pasta commitment i can get on board with. i’m having pasta again tonight :slight_smile:


You and me both

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Just prepped a beetroot curry. Loads of spices, didn’t rinse my hands fully after and then rubbed me eye. :cry:

Made a quite tasty gnocchi and mozzarella and chorizo bake for tea. Now playing Descenders on the xbox - great fun, mountain biking with a load of d’n’b on the soundtrack

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You ok? Need any monster munch delivering?

Had leftover curry from freezer but one where I overcooked the potatoes and was just mush so not great

Never had a beetroot curry but sounds like something I’d enjoy, was it a recipe?

Made pasta, turning it into carbonara

Then jetting off to cinema and prob a pint after

It’s from that Green roasting tin cookbook.

Worth getting.

Apt username by the way.


Prepping a homegrown rhubard crumble for pud.


Pretty wiped on account of the grind. I demand a 3 day week.

Snooker now.

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Trying to kill some time before the train back home. Very very sleepy, I am 100% gonna snore and annoy everyone else on board