It is Tuesday evening

Hello dis.

Can we all decide what I’m going to have for supper please?

  • Chippie chips
  • Linda McC sausages and potato waffles
  • Pizza
  • Macaroni cheese
  • Lentil bolognese
  • Crisp sandwich

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Other meal talk is greatly encouraged.

Off to watch H09909 in a bit

alright tillo. i’m happy masterchef is back on tonight, the fri-mon gap feels like an eternity ffs. i think we might be having pasta tonight but dunno yet. gave the tv my cold so she aint best pleased, might try to butter her up with a takeaway.

Going to see two of my favourite bands play some songs. Can’t wait.



Probably having seabass and roasted med veg with cous cous in a bit. TV still isn’t back from work. Going to drink some herbal tea and hit bed after watching Masterchef and Ricky boy are we threading tonight?

I actually didn’t vote for pizza!!!

Need to go to the shop at some point soon as well, don’t have anything to cook with.

Currently just eating some digestive biscuits.

Butter Santa will do the trick


Get her a burrito.

How many are even left in masterchef?

she would actually love that, i wonder if i can find one somewhere.

don’t think she’ll accept a takeaway burrito from anywhere around here, she has very high burrito standards.

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there’s still like 10 or so

Officially too hench for my suits. Need to buy a new one for some interviews. Dunno if I should go for grey, black or navy, but spending my evening browsing (exciting!!!)

we are having cheese steaks for dinner :))))))

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I’m a sucker for grey suits, so that’s my vote.

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Maker her a burrito.



Correct answer


Denim safari suit?

Heading into town for a drink with @nemrac and our respective TVs :slightly_smiling_face:


Made sausage and broccoli pasta, really didn’t fancy it and ate about two mouthfuls. Now can’t be arsed eating.

Going to regret this when I wake up in the night too hungry to sleep, but whatcha gonna do.

Has curry for tea, was fine. Taking R to cubs armed with his vegetarian jelly then off on the last part of a voluntary course.
Bit too tired tbh

Where’s the walking dead thread? Need to make my thoughts known…