It is Tuesday. It is evening now.


Hi! Another looooong old week (inc. working all through the bank holiday) is over and I’ve got sausage, egg, chips and garlic mushrooms cooking and a few tins of Guinness to celebrate with. How’s Tuesday evening treating YOU?


Had hardly any sleep last night on account on my wisdom tooth playing up. Seriously considering going to bed once I’ve done the washing up.


I’m about to have a bath. Hate baths.

Jam roly poly pudding afterwards though.


Had stomach ache since lunchtime. Nothing a chai won’t sort amirite


On my lappyt in the library. Computers so slow that I get to post on here between switching programs.


Worth a chai.


A seven year old appears to have hacked your account.

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I love you

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Annoyingly though there’s star anise in it and now I can’t get through a day without singing “why d’ya wanna go and put stars in your chai”


Anise anise, oh with your chais I brew.


I’m currently sligthly drunk at a bar in Buenos Aires. Soon heading back towards where the hotel is. Might try and catch some of the Liverpool game at a pub along the way.




Watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi


hola funky town, DiS. I’m WFH currently. Which means doing barely no work and listening to music all day.


I’m going to ask what you’re listening to, but that does NOT mean this is now a music thread, is that clear? :wink:

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Sounds like Anise tune.

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Turns out five days off was enough time to get used to not having to get up at 6 and sit on a tram. Very tired now.


Going out in ten minutes, and not enough time to do anything particularly, so currently debating which chocolate bar to buy from M&S on my way. Might try the mint truffle one? Bet as soon as I get in the shop I’ll just default to cappuccino or praline though.


Home, and child went off to sleep at 7 without a problem so I’m off to yoga shortly.

I didn’t have to go Perth btw, for those who were concerned for me (it actually turned out to be Stirling anyway, so just as well I didn’t go to Perth lol).

Baked potatoes later with leftover Bolognese. :ok_hand:


Yes sir! Currently listening to Hiroshi Yoshimura’s “Soundscape 1: Surround” (ambient)

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