It is tuesday, it is the evening


On my way home to hopefully find a new, working boiler installed and not too much mess. How do you fancy my chances?

What’s for tea? Anything else on the agenda?

E x

Still working

Housemate is making us Spanish omelette though so that’s nice

Just finishing up. Tomorrow is my last day off before Xmas day. Grim. Soup, bread, beer, bed.


I am still working but not for much longer. Going to have a video call with my son. Then I realllllllllllllly should do some PhD work…

Evening off to gfs for Linda Mac burgers and wedges. Maybe a bit of heavy petting

Gonna put bairn 2: the revenge into bed and maybe go run but a) it is freezing and b) I had my booster yesterday and I feel slightly shivery and achy but c) I have not been out for over a week.

No diving!


Hi good evening

I’m having toastie and chips again for tea

That’s it

Mrs CCB was talking to her (medic) sister about an issue with her voice and she said that she should ask her doctor for an otolarynoscopy. So I piped up “I think I’ve got one of his cookbooks!”

It was ignored.


Had my booster today. Feeling a bit down so deleted my Instagram app as I think it was making me feel a bit sad! I don’t feel like I’m achieving anything apart from work, which is also causing me a bit of stress, so was getting all comparey to other people I know. Urgh.

Salmon teriyaki rice bowl and telly with ma bambino :heart:

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You sound like a man in need of soup


Hi dad

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Quiet in here tonight!

Working, not too much mess. That’ll do. Doesnt really fit though and now my horror corner is a bit more horror-y. Hmm.

Additionally had two Emma Ruth Rundle records waiting for me. Gonna have a sesh in a bit, after Frasier.

Had my booster today too. So quick. Honestly those people are amazing.
Having a Guinness, veg samosas, sag aloo and a naan to celebrate.
Day off tomorrow. Going to chill as hard as hell

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feels like a cinema night but it all looks fairly pish

What did you get? I’ve got Some Heavy Ocean and it’s sodding gorgeous.

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Watching Celebrity Antique Road Trip and feeling cold. Might see how much tea I can drink in an evening. No side effects from my jab earlier but still want to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head.

Aye that and Elec Guitar #1. Just need Marked For Death to complete the set but not quite willing to pay discogs prices just yet.

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I’m drinking an evil that walks and brews

Has anyone else got a laptop that is just really slow and should have been replaced in 2018? Such a joy!

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