It is tuesday, it is the evening




Had soup for tea. Realised I hadn’t eaten all day, whoops.

I had big plans to work on some music projects tonight but I made the mistake of lying down and I think that’s me done for the night now.

Finding it impossible to do anything at the moment - starting to think starting a Wire rewatch is my only option

That or go for a walk in the rain :confused:

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2 years into the pandemic or however fucking long it has been, teaching throughout and managed to avoid it so far, my gf has just tested positive just in time to potentially ruin another xmas


Do I not like that

Tea and Ann Peebles seems to be the answer

Oh you sweet sweet fool. Bairn 2 has been screaming the house down for the last hour solidly. She’s not been this bad ever before, she’s not been napping at nursery properly and I think it’s that.

The other bairn used to do the same - it was almost like some sort of fit - and it’s horrific. Screaming and writhing and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help her or make it stop.

I like this for the rice bowl and sympathy for the other stuff.

That’s what I want.

Good joke AND solidarity with voice issues. I recently found out (after a load of cameras up my nose and down my throat) that my voice problems are all stress related :grimacing:

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Just back from the gym and pool. Gonna crack open a beer

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Evening all!

I had jerk chicken drumsticks with coconut rice and peas and pineapple. It was very good.

I’m very tired but also quite tempted by a beer.

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I’ve started watching Howard’s End on Netflix . The cast is absolutely stacked with luvvies, heaving. Like a supergroup

Come on guys let’s get the party started in here

Finding out Mike Nesmith (i.e. the Monkee I last year resolved to cosplay as if I ever play live again) was a fan of vapourwave has made me lament that I never somehow spammed any surviving Monkee with any Mute Branches jamz


Did Carbonara for tea.

The dog has been causing trouble again for the 3rd night on the bounce.

Found him digging holes again. Had to give him a little bath to clean his paws. Played with the him for a bit. And now I need to take him for a quick walk to do last wees - Hopefully he doesn’t roll in fox shit like he did last night…

Absolute nuisance of an animal!


Pasta Stephens


Would have loved to go to school with Bamnan


Back at my grandparents for a bit to avoid COVID for a bit until I go back to the uk for Xmas.

Getting really into this Turkish dubbed telenovela.

Exceptional telly