It is tuesday morning, isnt it?

Hello TMers. How’s your day?

Standard breakfast of bagel, coffee and frasier. Cba with work today but going out for sludge metal and sludge beers tonight.



Morning E5, all. Today is the last day of my working week so far less dread than usual. Probably got a fair bit to do today though, but then dinner at my parents’ later which always comes with a lot of wine.

bank holiday yesterday so i’m genuinely unsure


Had a dream that i weighed 21 stone and that my bf wanted to leave me because he was in love with some one else and ive woken up feeling all shit about myself. Haha.
Also have a stressful few weeks and dont really feel supported mentally. Just want some pressure taken off having to do everything at home/work.


Hello eric and friends. Got to redo a piece in front of camera at work today because the college want the footage in portrait mode rather than landscape? Fuck off mate.

In other Tuesday news, I have no other Tuesday news.

Told work I’m wfh because I’ve got a cold. The truth is that I got too engrossed in a card game while on the toilet and will likely be too late to get a parking space now.

I regret nothing.


Have they heard of crop?

Hold up lads, we’ve got a professional :grinning: I think what it is is they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.

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Feeling some pretty intense dread on the train this morning. CBA going to work but what else is there.
And it smells like someone shit themselves

Hi team. Got my hair cut. Wanna see?

New phone arrives today.

Podcast feat @tvdenimchap is out but I’ll let him jag it.


Freshhhhhhhhh :haircut_man:


Nothing like a little ambience to go with the views on my walk to work :joy:


Sleptwalk for the first time in aaages last night

What flavour of sludge metal are you going to see?

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Did you end up somewhere hilarious?

Looking sharp dude!

JAG, put together a mix for @escutcheon’ show. Really really happy with it and had lots of fun putting it together. Starts off slow and chilled, and ends with lots of noise. Has music from @Twinkletoes, @McGarnagle, @SunnyB, @Bamnan, @BodyInTheThames, and then other artists you probably haven’t heard of like Daft Punk and Squarepusher.


Morning all.

Woke up with a flare up of gout. It’s been a while. Takes me back to the heady days of living in Central Cardiff it does. Also it’s shit and I want no part in it.

Dull day ahead. Can’t think of a single thing to say about it. So I guess this post has run out of steam already. Disappointing.

Hope you’re all well.


I feel your pain CoHo. Plenty of water and an allopurinol if you have it.

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Ooh, saucy. Never quite gelled with Sumac but I’ve no doubt they’d be amazing live.

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